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Jul 30 // Zac Bentz

Goodbye Japanator Radio

Sorry this took so long. Some of you have already noticed, but for those of you who haven't, you are no longer able to download any episodes of Japanator Radio. That is because the show is no longer in production and is no lo...
Jun 22 // Zac Bentz

Japanator Radio 169

Boy, sure does seem like it's been a long time since we were last together, no? Hey, let's not get all sentimental here. Look, I brought you a present! It's a new Japanator Radio! Toddle! Supercar! 9mm Parabellum Bullet! All your favorites! See? It's like we've never been apart. Enjoy! DOWNLOAD EPISODE 169 FEED ZUNE @zacbentz@japanator Track-list and links after the jump!
May 11 // Zac Bentz

Japanator Radio 167

Time again for me, Zac (that's my name!), to take the reigns of the Japanator Radio, um, train? and fly it into the...hmm. Sure has been a while, huh? Anyway, while I try and collect my thoughts and remember how to make words...
Apr 06 // Zac Bentz

Japanator Radio 165

Hello again! Time for another action packed episode of Japantor Radio! Action packed? Is that even possible on an audio podcast? I don't know. But if it is, then this is it! This time we've got all new music from the likes of...
Mar 07 // Zac Bentz

Jake Adelstein exposes NatGeo's exposure of yakuza

Tokyo Vice author, video game reviewer and journalistic bad-ass Jake Adelstein has recently tore National Geographic Television a new one over what he sees as reckless endangerment of sources. He was part of NGT's new documen...
Mar 04 // Zac Bentz

Japanator Radio 163

Hello again, music lovers! It's time to kick off the month of March with a new Japanator Radio! This week we take a closer look at Mo'some Tonebender, as well as a ton of both new and old music from all over the spectrum. Oh ...
Feb 10 // Zac Bentz

Listen Back 02-10-11

Back again with another Listen Back to what the Japanator staff have been listening to this week! Confession time: I haven't been listening to any Japanese music lately! Not sure why, exactly. Nothing's really been wow-ing me...
Feb 05 // Zac Bentz

Listen Back 02-05-11

Yes! It's time once again to take a listen back to what's been heating up the ears of the Japanator staff this week. This week, hot J-boys who move like robots, hot J-girls who sing like robots and who knows, maybe even some actual robots? I don't know! You'll just have to see what lies after the jump!
Feb 02 // Zac Bentz

Japanator Radio 161

What's this? Can it be? It's been so long...but yes, I think it is! It's a new Japanator Radio! Yes, it's been over a month but we're back! Back with another round of musical selections both new and slightly old, all mooshed ...
Jan 31 // Zac Bentz

Our man in Japan

 Dale, Dale, oh Dale.
Jan 27 // Zac Bentz

Listen Back 01-27-11

Once again it's time to gather 'round the Internet machine and take a listen to a little of what the Japanator staff has been listening to for the past week.I don't know about you, but I think the girls are trying to kill me this week. You can check it all out below. How about you? What's new in your audio universe?
Jan 20 // Zac Bentz

Listen Back 01-20-11

Back after a brief hiatus, it's once again time for the attractive and powerful staff here at Japanator World Headquarters to take a moment out of our sexy lifestyles and tell the tales of our past couple/few weeks of audio a...
Jan 17 // Zac Bentz

Mo'some Tonebender to headline Japan Nite 2011

Well well well, here's some unexpected but very happy news: Mo'some Tonebender is going to headline this year's Japan Nite tour! Excite!In case you've missed it here before, we're always excited to see what the Japan Nite tou...
Dec 31 // Zac Bentz

Listen Back - Best of 2010 edition

OK, time for one more mega end of the year top whatever list of our personal favorite albums of 2010! You may already be familiar with my own favorites, so this is a chance for the rest of the Japanator crew to  champion...
Dec 29 // Zac Bentz

Japanator Radio 160 - Best Japanese Albums of 2010

Well, here we are, at the end. The end of the year, at least. And it's been a doooozy!This week we've got the second and final installment of the Best Japanese Albums of 2010. Hooray! Did your favorites make the list? If not,...
Dec 22 // Zac Bentz

Japanator Radio 159 - Best Japanese Albums of 2010

Well, here we are. At the end. Well, ok, almost the end. That can one mean one thing: Time for another Best Japanese Albums of the Year show(s)!That's right. For the next two weeks we'll be taking a look back at the best Japa...
Dec 18 // Zac Bentz

Listen Back 12-18-10

Here's the look back at what the staff at Jtor Central have been listening to this week!We've got prossibly the most diverse collection of music this time around, so make sure to check it all out. What have you been listeneing to lately?Coming up next time: Our collective look back at our favorite albums of the year! Excite!
Dec 15 // Zac Bentz

Japanator Radio 158

Time again for another rollicking, frolicking episode of your favorite Japanator radio show, Japanator Radio!No guest DJ segment this week (boo) but we do have a slightly extended Polysics Artist Spotlight to make up for it (yay!). Oh, and lots of other stuff, of course.  Enjoy the show! DOWNLOAD EPISODE 158 FEEDZUNE @zacbentz@japanator Track-list and links after the jump!  
Dec 10 // Zac Bentz

Listen Back 12-10-10

Woof! Computer problems and losing my will to live sort of made this week's Listen Back post a little late. But, good news everyone! Everything worked out just fine and I'm still alive and here we are.So what has the staff be...
Dec 08 // Zac Bentz

Japanator Radio 157

Bam! Another Japanator Radio, all set to bring pleasure to your ears in ways better left unspoken. This week we've got lots of great new music, Some Buck-Tick in the Artist Spotlight (again?) and the one and only Colette Benn...
Dec 02 // Zac Bentz

Listen Back 12-02-10

Time to Listen Back to what the Japanator staff has had burning up their ears for the past couple weeks! As December descends, thoughts inevitably turn to staying warm and cozy, as well as the obligatory Christmas music delug...
Dec 02 // Zac Bentz

Video captures Japan slipping through time, monkeys

File this under "everything old is new again" if you want. It's new to me and, I suspect, new to most of you.Buried deep in a recent Boing Boing post featuring a simple but neat high-speed video effect was a mention...
Dec 01 // Zac Bentz

Japanator Radio 156

Happy December! Well, as happy as this crazy month can be, at least. I've already shoveled the driveway more times than I'd like. But I digress... Time for some music!No special guest DJ this week, so you're stuck with me for the entire hour. You'll live! Enjoy the show, and stay warm! DOWNLOAD EPISODE 156 FEEDZUNE @zacbentz@japanator Track-list and links after the jump!  
Nov 24 // Zac Bentz

Free Boom Boom Satellites and Xam'd stuff, for now

You like music, right? And you really like free music, right? How about girls? Anime girls? And robot things? And images of said girls and robot things? Yeah, I thought so. For a limited time you can head on over to this...
Nov 24 // Zac Bentz

Japanator Radio 155

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! Or, if you're not into that, happy Another New Episode of Japanator Radio Day!This week, lots of incredible new musiuc, including the new Polysics single! Yay! Oh, and the always hot hot hot Brad Rice brings us an extra special Guest DJ set. Yay!Let's eat! DOWNLOAD EPISODE 155 FEEDZUNE @zacbentz@japanator Track-list and links after the jump!  
Nov 21 // Zac Bentz

Listen Back 11-21-10

Little late this week, but yes, here we are! Once again recounting the past week's auditory bliss. This time around we talk a bit about the ever expanding and ever more popular world of mash-ups,some old (and not so old) favorites well as the usual J-rock stuff.What's been burning your ears off lately?
Nov 17 // Zac Bentz

Japanator Radio 154

Another week, another Japanator Radio! What makes you so special all the time??This week we've got a ton of new music, but most special of all is guest DJ Mike LeChevallier! You are not ready for what he has in store.So, as always, sit back and crank it up! DOWNLOAD EPISODE 154 FEEDZUNE @zacbentz@japanator Track-list and links after the jump!  
Nov 15 // Zac Bentz

Japanator Doesn't Recommend: Eden of the East [Blu-ray]

First off, cool down. Don't let the title of this post get your panties in a bunch. You'll see what I mean in a minute. Second, for the purpose of this review please first refer to Lauren's in-depth run-down for all the deta...
Nov 12 // Zac Bentz

Listen Back 11-12-10

Welcome again to Listen Back, where we, your humble editors, gather to regale you with tales of what we've been listening to this past week!This time around it seems like everyone is all about the new Perfume single "Nee...
Nov 10 // Zac Bentz

Japanator Radio 153

Raaaawr! Computer problems make angry!..Oh! Hi there. Don't worry, it's all OK. Everything's fine. Here's a new show!This week, Vola and the Oriental Machine in the Artist Spotlight and a special guest DJ set from the Ben Huber. Huzzah! Oh, and maybe a glitch or two. Consider them Easter eggs!Enjoy. DOWNLOAD EPISODE 153 FEEDZUNE @zacbentz@japanator Track-list and links after the jump!  
Nov 05 // Zac Bentz

Listen Back 11-05-10

Maybe it's just me, but it really feels like we're in a bit of a dry spell as far as awesome new album releases go. Maybe everyone's just waiting for the holiday season to ramp up, or maybe everyone's already blown their wad....
Nov 03 // Zac Bentz

Japanator Radio 152

At long last! Here we are with a brand new show, all shiny and nice and ready to be taken for a spin around the block. Exciting!You'll notice a few small changes, most notably the new Guest DJ segment, as well as a shorter Ar...
Oct 29 // Zac Bentz

Indie music film Live From Tokyo premiers tonight in NY

Sure, many of us here are already well aware of the big names in Japanese music, like Utada Hikaru, Ayumi Hamasaki, Perfume and the like. That's the j-pop stuff, mainstream in the extreme. Of course there's also the other sid...
Oct 29 // Zac Bentz

Listen Back 10-29-10

What has the Japanator staff been listening to during our late-night slumber-party pillow-fights at Japanator World Headquarters this past week?I have no idea because I'm never invited! Probably because I keep filling my pillows with rocks. I play to win. Sexy party after the jump!
Oct 27 // Zac Bentz

Japanator Radio 151: Halloween 2010

Well hello! It's been a while since we last met and shared a brand new Japanator Radio, has it not?And look! We have a special occasion to celebrate as well! Well, at least something even more special than a new show after th...
Oct 21 // Zac Bentz

Listen Back 10-21-10

Time again for another Listen Back on what the Jtor staff has been listening to this week!We've got a pretty eclectic collection this week, but then again that's really nothing new for us. From Electro rock to jazz to "expertly crafted referential rhymes," we've got you covered.How about you? What's new in your audio-life?
Oct 20 // Zac Bentz

Japanator Radio 090

[Once again, here's a retro episode from the vaults! Japanator Radio is taking a break until November. Until then, please enjoy some classic episodes that have been lost to the ravages of time...until now! This show was...
Oct 15 // Zac Bentz

Listen Back 10-15-10

Are those dudes dressed for a snowstorm in the Caribbean?Anyway, here's what the staff has been listening to this week. Seriously though, what the hell is up with those clothes? I just...Scarves and jackets and tie-dye and no socks?
Oct 13 // Zac Bentz

Japanator Radio 042

[Once again, here's a retro episode from the vaults! Japanator Radio is taking a break until October 27th. Until then, please enjoy some classic episodes that have been lost to the ravages of time...until now! This "B...
Oct 07 // Zac Bentz

Listen Back 10-07-10

Another week has apparently flown by, and it's already time for another look back at what the Japanator slaves, er, staff, have been listening to lately!Things seem a little on the poppy and anime-ish side this week, except f...

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