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Red Veron . Oct 03

Week Ender - Macross Edition

Macross is one of those recognizable anime properties around the world, though it may be in due to Robotech, the US cartoon franchise that combined Macross with two other unrelated robot anime to be able to syndicated on...   0

Red Veron . Sep 30

OP Up! Macross Edition

So who's excited over the news of a new Macross show on the horizon with Macross Delta? I've always loved the series' mix of future science fiction transforming jet robots with pop music idols. I'm so looking forward to ...   0

Red Veron . Sep 25

WTF Fridays - Japanese Man

Don't hate, James Bond did it too.   0

Red Veron . Sep 19

Week Ender - Universal Century Edition

Many people remember opening songs from the Universal Century Gundam series fondly but not many remember the endings songs as much. I admit that I am one of those many since a lot of the UC series aired before I was born or I...   0

Red Veron . Sep 18

WTF Fridays: You are [NOT] ready


Red Veron . Sep 16

OP Up! Universal Century Edition

The Mobile Suit Gundam has been around for generations and is a household name in many Japanese homes. It is no wonder, since there have been many entries in the series in TV, movies, and in print form. Collectively know...   0

Red Veron . Sep 16

New Attack on Titan game trailer shows off Hack and Slash action

When I first saw the anime of Attack on Titan, I know I am not alone when I immediately thought that this anime needs to have a videogame to be able replicate that exhilarating movement and visceral combat. When news fr...   0

Red Veron . Sep 12

Week Ender - Cyberpunk Edition

The science fiction subgenre of Cyberpunk can be dark and depressing but it doesn't mean that it is always in that depressing state. Humans simply cannot live in that manner constantly and there will breaks, and it also not e...   0

Red Veron . Sep 09

OP Up! Cyberpunk Edition

Cyberpunk is a great science fiction subgenre that many manga and anime have explored in the past. Summed up as "High Tech, Low Life", the genre mixes tech far more advanced than our own in a broken down world. Often having d...   0

Red Veron . Sep 05

Week Ender - Big Sword Edition

Oversized weaponry is a common sight in action anime and manga, it's always fun to see large and unwieldly swords or guns be used in a manner that would be impossible in real life. Who doesn't want to feel all strong and powe...   0

Red Veron . Sep 03

OP Up! Big Sword Edition

Yeah, I know what they say about characters with big swords and how people make that joke ALL THE TIME, and how it's totally not tired at all. Totally. But think about how exciting big weapons look on the page of a manga or a...   0

Red Veron . Aug 26

Yakuza 5 is a big package of a small slice of Japan

If you've ever wanted to experience a small slice of urban Japan from the comfort of your own home, the Yakuza video game series has always been known to be the best game for the job. I find myself excited for big AAA games l...   0

Red Veron . Aug 26

OP Up! Mobster Edition

Japanese mobsters, whom we call in the west as "The Yakuza" is referred to in Japan as 'violence groups' by normal people and are not seen in a favorable manner. Though that hasn't stopped Japanese entertainment in portraying...   0

Red Veron . Aug 22

Week Ender - Urobuchi Edition

Is your weekend going well? I hope so, because this week's selection of endings for Week Ender is from anime that was worked on by writer Gen Urobuchi. For those not familiar with Urobuchi's works (Puella Magi Madoka Magica, ...   0

Red Veron . Aug 20

OP Up! Urobuchi Edition

If you look at a few popular shows in the last few years, you're gonna notice that one name pops up a lot when it comes to anime that feature heavily dark tones. That name is Gen Urobuchi, whose body of work will consist of f...   0

Red Veron . Aug 20

SUPERBEAT: XONiC will be Playstation TV compatible

Rejoice, big screen rhythm music gamers! SUPERBEAT: XONiC will be compatible with the tiny wondrous box that is the Playstation TV! Now you can play with a big screen with a controller if touch screens aren't your thing. Thi...   0

Red Veron . Aug 15

Week Ender - Vampires Edition

For this weekend's Week Ender, we continue to look at some Vampire-themed anime endings. Vampires have this appeal to people, with power and strength with a side of mystique So what's your favorite anime that features vampire...   0

Red Veron . Aug 12

OP Up! Vampires Edition

What is it with Vampires? Whether they're the hero or villian (or both), the creature of the night has always had great appeal in all forms of fiction. Is it the eternal life? Is it the romanticized portrayal of these creatur...   0

Red Veron . Jul 25

Week Ender - Virtual Reality Edition

This week's Week Ender is all about the Virtual Reality and the great worlds beyond that VR brings us that are great settings for fantasy action anime. There's always something interesting with characters from a world similar...   0

Red Veron . Jul 22

OP Up! Virtual Reality Edition

They weren't kidding when they said that the 90's is back, one promise of that decade was this exciting new technology called "Virtual Reality". This technology promised to take humans into new worlds beyond our imaginations ...   0

Red Veron . Jul 18

Week Ender - Fast Edition

We're going fast this weekend for Week Ender! No, I am totally not making up an excuse to write the least amount as possible on here with the excuse that we are going fast and I have no time to write. No time to talk, LET'S GO FAST!Did I forget any anime about going fast on here? SHARE IN THE COMMENTS BELOW! I wanna know about it.    0

Red Veron . Jul 15

OP Up! Fast Edition

This week's OP Up! is all about going fast! So less time reading nonsense preamble to all these openings and let's get to it! LET'S GO!Are there openings that are about going fast that I didn't include? SHOW ME IN THE COMMENTS! I wanna know!   0

Red Veron . Jul 11

Week Ender - One Piece Edition

One Piece just reached its 700th episode and on this week's Week Ender, we're celebrating by giving you some One Piece endings for your viewing pleasure! When the first episode of One Piece aired, Clinton was still in the Whi...   0

Red Veron . Jul 08

OP Up! One Piece Edition

Having 700 episodes in 16 years, the One Piece anime has amassed quite a collection of openings and endings throughout its run. So this week's OP Up! and Week Ender selections are special, as we celebrate 700 episodes of One ...   0

Red Veron . Jul 06

Japan agrees to robot duel with USA

Back in 2012, Suidobashi Heavy Industries of Japan introduced the world to the 'KURATAS', a big piloted robot mech and pretty much gave hope to anyone who ever dreamt of seeing piloted robots come to reality. Dubbed as an 'a...   0

Red Veron . Jul 04

Week Ender - Love is Love Edition

Love is love! If two people want to love each other, then they should. I'm not in that relationship so it is none of my business. This weekend's selection of anime endings are all about girl's love and boy's love, and there a...   0

Red Veron . Jul 04

Celebrate USA's birthday with anime videos of America

Happy Birthday, USA! This weekend is the celebration of the great nation of the United States of America. So using the rights I am granted by this great nation, I've thrown together a few videos from Japanese animes featuring some USA-related stuff to celebrate the founding of this great union.So slap some burgers and hotdogs on the grill, sit back and enjoy some videos from anime about the USA.   0

Red Veron . Jul 01

OP Up! Love is Love Edition

Being able to love the one you love is great and here at Japanator, we support that. I mean, if you want to spend the rest of your life with someone you love, you should have that choice to do it. So this week's OP Up! is all...   0

Red Veron . Jun 27

Week Ender - Military Edition

This weekend's Week Ender is all about military-related anime endings! Seems like I forgot a fan-favorite, Jormungand, which needs to be on here. So rejoice that your favorite loco arms dealer gets some loving this weekend.No...   0

Red Veron . Jun 26

Love Live!! Movie US theater listings are here!

Your favorite pop idol waifus from the anime Love Live!! μ's (pronounced 'Muse') arrive at theaters across the US this September and we now have dates for the showings. So what is Love Live!!? Love Live!! is mixed media fr...   0

Red Veron . Jun 25

New Charlotte trailer is here to change your destiny

It has been five years since the anime Angel Beats!! hit the airwaves and reduced many grown men like myself to tears with all the feelings of sadness. Now the people behind that Angel Beats!! have now reunited to bring us an...   0

Red Veron . Jun 24

OP Up! Military Edition

This week's selection of anime openings for OP Up! is all about military themed anime. The military has been a theme ripe for action and anime has always found it to be a good source of great entertainment. From the military ...   0

Red Veron . Jun 20

Week Ender - Foodie Edition

The weekend is here again and I'm sure y'all have been salivating since last wednesday's OP Up! Foodie openings. So here are some anime endings from anime about food and food products. So much like a hungry customer at a rest...   0

Red Veron . Jun 17

OP Up! Foodie Edition

Who doesn't love food? Food is a universal thing that people love and anime has tackled the subject of food for a long time. From cooking food to appreciating food, anime has done it all, and even more when you check out this week's selection of openings. Enjoy!Did I not feature your favorite anime about food? PLEASE SHARE IN THE COMMENTS BELOW! I want to know!   0

Red Veron . Jun 13

Week Ender - Making Music Edition

This weekend's Week Ender features anime endings from anime about making that sweet music with all them musical instruments. Anime is a great medium to feature music with sound and visuals combining to make great viewing expe...   0

Red Veron . Jun 10

OP Up! Making Music Edition

This week's OP Up! is all about them bass. Well, not exactly but it features anime openings that have musical instruments and the people who make that music. Anime, being a visual and auditory medium, definitely adds to a sto...   0

Red Veron . Jun 07

Week Ender - Workplace Edition

This week's theme for Week Ender is all about anime that are in a workplace setting. The openings in this week's OP Up featured a more lively tune while this week's endings in Week Ender have more of a chill vibe.Please enjoy...   0

Red Veron . Jun 05

Feast your your eyes on Donuts in Anime on Nat'l Donuts Day

Today is National Donuts day in the United States of America and of course a country known for eating too much would have a day celebrating a fried sugary pastry. However, the love for donuts (or Doughnuts) transcends nationa...   0

Red Veron . Jun 03

OP Up! Workplace Edition

When I'm not watching anime about magical girls or giant robots, I like to watch slice-of-life anime featuring seemingly normal people get into comedic situations. A subset of these slice-of-life anime just happen to be set i...   0

Red Veron . May 30

Week Ender - Magical Girl Edition

The recent resurgence of the Magical Girl genre in popularity has brought us many entries in the genre and even the remake of one of the great magical girl anime, Sailor Moon. While not many can compare to the great Sailor Mo...   0

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