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Nov 02 // Bob Muir

Review: One Piece: Pirate Warriors

I've never really paid attention to Dynasty Warriors, as Chinese history usually isn't something that grabs my attention. Besides, I didn't think that I was missing much more than a whole lot of button mashing. Then Namc...
Aug 15 // Bob Muir

Japanator Doesn't Recommend: Unchained Blades

I'm not the biggest RPG nut, but over my last decade of gaming, I have appreciated most of the RPGs I've played. After starting on Pokemon, I've played a Final Fantasy or two, and even delved into Persona. But until recently,...
Jul 30 // Bob Muir

Watch the trailer for the Little Busters! anime

Here's the trailer for J.C. Staff's next anime, Little Busters! It's an adaptation of the romance visual novel by Key about high schoolers and some other weird stuff. The anime will start airing in October 2012 and feature m...
Jul 26 // Bob Muir

Trailer streamed for Madhouse's Ninja Scroll Burst

Woah, check this out! Madhouse has streamed a trailer for an in-development anime that resurrects a legendary property: the 1993 movie Ninja Scroll. Titled Ninja Scroll Burst, the "3-episode short animation" is a "challenge"...
Jul 26 // Bob Muir

New trailer for Growlanser: Wayfarer of Time

Damn Atlus, you sure know how to show an aging system some love! We heard that Growlanser: Wayfarer of Time was coming back in April, but it's still pretty surreal to see new PSP games getting released on UMDs. (That's not a...
Jul 25 // Bob Muir

Avex auditioning juvenile delinquents for idol group

It's another entry in the ongoing saga: "What's the Next Distinctive Idol Group?" This time around, Avex is looking to audition juvenile delinquent girls -- a.k.a. "yankees" -- for a new idol group to be managed by Bari Bari ...
Jul 25 // Bob Muir

Persona 4 Arena is going to be a manga

Atlus sure loves putting out Persona 4 media! There's the original game, the PS Vita remake (Persona 4: Golden), the manga, the anime, the play, the fighting game (Persona 4 Arena), and countless merchandise for fans to buy. ...
Jul 24 // Bob Muir

Barefoot Gen draws criticism for use in Hiroshima schools

Keiji Nakazawa's Barefoot Gen has long been considered a classic, telling the semi-autobiographical story of how Nakazawa survived the Hiroshima bombing. The Hiroshima Board of Education has plans to use the manga into its pe...
Jul 24 // Bob Muir

Japan sending Akita puppy as gift to Russian president

Another day, another Morning Puppy post! Wait, that's not a running feature? Why the hell not? Japan's latest prime minister Yoshihiko Noda recently met with Vladimir Putin in Mexico. Eventually, Noda promised to deliver an ...
Jul 23 // Bob Muir

First teaser for Hunter x Hunter: Phantom Rouge

The first teaser is out for Hunter x Hunter: Phantom Rouge, and as you'd expect, it is certainly a tease. There's not much shown in the scant fifteen seconds, but it does seem pretty serious, with all that dramatic music and...
Jul 23 // Bob Muir

AKB0048 graced with second season in 2013

AKB0048 is one of the kind of ridiculous concept you'd hear of in the 80s, like fusing Gem with G.I. Joe. Fans of thinly veiled propaganda anime will be pleased to know that a second season is in the works, as announced by th...
Jul 18 // Bob Muir

Final Impressions: Kids on the Slope

No one can deny that Kids on the Slope had fantastic pedigree. It's the adaptation of Yuki Kodama's award-winning josei manga, directed by Shinichiro Watanabe and with music by Yoko Kanno. Based on the pairing of Cowboy Bebop vets Watanabe and Kanno, I expected another anime heavily influenced by jazz, as I imagine many viewers did. This couldn't have been farther from the truth.
May 24 // Bob Muir

EXILE's Akira to star in Great Teacher Onizuka remake

For a long time, people have loved GTO, a.k.a. Great Teacher Onizuka, the story of a gang-member-turned-awesome-teacher. The original manga ran from 1997 to 2002, which spawned a live-action TV drama, a movie, and an ani...
May 23 // Bob Muir

Shonen Jump Alpha serializes Rurouni Kenshin: Restoration

The first time I heard of Rurouni Kenshin wasn't from some Samurai X OVA, it was from an extremely early issue of the US Shonen Jump, highlighting popular series from Weekly Shonen Jump. After the anime started airing on Toon...
May 22 // Bob Muir

Toonami schedule reveals two new anime acquisitions

There was much rejoicing when we shared the news that Toonami was back. People were excited about the possibilities, but without a schedule, I think "cautious optimism" was the best response. Now that Adult Swim's online sche...
May 21 // Bob Muir

Moe Can Change! still looks pretty moe to me

For the record, no, I do not think moe can actually change into something palatable to my tastes. Rather, Moe Can Change! is the name of an upcoming OVA from Frontier Works based on Ambition's game of the same name. The orig...
May 21 // Bob Muir

Pokemon: Black and White! season 2 could be way better

Normally, I wouldn't consider posting about the promo for the latest season of the Pokemon anime. But since we were treated to such an awesome promo for Pokemon Black & White 2 last week, it seems only fitting to post th...
May 18 // Bob Muir

KFC gets weirder when Kyary Pamyu Pamyu advertises for it

Okay, so nothing Kyary Pamyu Pamyu does is quite as weird as her video for "PONPONPON," but she's still pretty far out there. Of course, no matter how odd you are, if you're an idol, you pretty much have to appear in ads. Th...
May 18 // Bob Muir

Girls und Panzer is the latest from Squid Girl director

The next project from Squid Girl and Another's director Tsutomu Mizushima has been announced. For his first work not based on a pre-existing manga or novel, Mizushima is directing Girls und Panzer, a story about high sc...
May 17 // Bob Muir

Pregnant and new mothers get their own manga reading room

Here's a novel idea: a manga reading room that caters exclusively to new and expecting mothers. It's the brainchild of 37-year-old Ayako Ueki, who thought of the idea while on maternity leave. The room is located in Tokyo's N...
May 17 // Bob Muir

Tales of Graces F gets special 'day one' edition

Europe may have to wait longer for Tales of Graces F while us Americans can were able to pick up a copy since March. But when they buy the game on August 31, they'll be getting some pretty cool bonuses. Namco Bandai's Europea...
May 17 // Bob Muir

Tokyo Sky Tree and Sumida River light up for festival

The Tokyo Sky Tree tourist blitz is about ready to begin, but some festivities have already begun. To celebrate the Tokyo Hotaru (Firefly) Festival on May 6, it was decided that the night should be lit up. So once night came...
May 16 // Bob Muir

Toonami returns on May 26, 2012

[Update: Adult Swim's press release states that Toonami will develop "new original anime programming." IGPX 2 and Big O season 3, anyone?] After Adult Swim's 2012 April Fool's Day joke, there was a massive surge of suppo...
May 16 // Bob Muir

'World's biggest toilet' opens in Japan

Most public restrooms can be kind of crappy. (Get it?) They're cramped and dirty, which probably doesn't help relax your mind while you're relaxing your body. But architect Sou Fujimoto, the same guy who made a transparent ho...
May 16 // Bob Muir

Pokemon Black & White 2 gets an awesome anime trailer!

Nintendo can sometimes have good ads that properly hype their product. They can sometimes have quirky ads that stick with you for years to come. But when it comes to Pokemon, they rarely have an ad made up of pure awesome. I...
May 15 // Bob Muir

AKB48 promotes taking perfectly good ramen and ruining it

Well, calling Cup Noodle "perfectly good ramen" is maybe stretching it, but let me explain. AKB48 is appearing in ads (because that's what idols do!) for Nissin Cup Noodle, showing the public how you can make the instant ram...
May 15 // Bob Muir

Lawson is giving away this stupid Nisemonogatari hat

Remember Yotsugi Ononoki, the familiar from the "Tsukihi Phoenix" story in Nisemonogatari? Remember that derpy hat she wore? Now you too can put that silly hat on your head! From May 22 to June 4, Lawson convenience store cus...
May 15 // Bob Muir

Helter Skelter trailer has no relation to that one song

Obviously the movie Helter Skelter by Mika Ninagawa is based on the manga Helter Skelter by Kyoko Okazaki. It has nothing to do with the song Helter Skelter by that one popular band -- you know the one. But as...
May 14 // Bob Muir

Rent-a-Cat trailer is bursting with cute kitties

Whether or not you ever plan to watch Naoko Ogigami's Rent-a-Cat, watch this trailer, because damn, there are so many cats and they are doing cat things! The internet still loves cats, right? Mikako Ichikawa plays Sayak...
May 14 // Bob Muir

Tokyo Sky Tree Town and aquarium are ready for your money

The Tokyo Sky Tree isn't just for TV broadcasting. It's also expected to be a major tourist attraction once it opens to the public on May 22. On May 10, the Japanese media got to check out Tokyo Sky Tree Town, the area surrou...
May 14 // Bob Muir

International 009 Re:Cyborg trailer is lacking in scarves

This is supposedly a new international for 009 Re:Cyborg, released on the movie's English website. But in terms of what it shows, it's pretty much identical to last fall's trailer. Oh well, for those of you who forgot that t...
May 10 // Bob Muir

Art exhibit and short coming from Hideaki Anno and Ghibli

Way before Hideaki Anno wrote and directed Evangelion, he was an animator on Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind, working under Hayao Miyazaki and Toshio Suzuki. Now, Anno is teaming up with Studio Ghibli for a new exhibi...
May 09 // Bob Muir

Namco celebrates Dig Dug's 30 anniversary with webcomics

Despite being well-known these days for franchises like Tekken, Soulcalibur, and Tales, Namco Bandai has a bunch of old franchises that don't see much love lately. That's why they made ShiftyLook, an online platform that take...
May 08 // Bob Muir

Latest Sadako 3D marketing floods the streets with Sadako

They really want you to see Sadako 3D! Not content with just releasing ordinary trailers or organizing weird gimmicks like baseball pitches, everyone's favorite vengeful ghost Sadako apparently deserves her own parade. Dozens...
May 07 // Bob Muir

Media Blasters in financial trouble with New York State

Things have been a little fishy with Media Blasters lately. They had to cancel the rerelease of Record of Lodoss War, and they didn't get the license for Queen's Blade Rebellion like they did with the previous series. Right S...
May 03 // Bob Muir

Read Strike Witches: The Witches of Andorra for free

If you're looking for something free to read, head over to Kadokawa Niconico Ace, a magazine that's part of Nico Nico Seiga, the still-frame spin-off of the Nico Nico Douga, or niconico as it is now called. The magazine's lat...
May 03 // Bob Muir

Now there's an idol group for snaggletooth girls

They'll really make an idol group out of anything, won't they? As if old men and radioactive girls weren't enough, now there is an idol group for girls with crooked teeth. To clarify: in Japan, there's been a recent trend whe...
May 03 // Bob Muir

Hatsune Miku goods are now available at Hot Topic

Alright Miku fans, pack it in, Vocaloid is over. Hot Topic has started selling various Hatsune Miku-branded merchandise at its oh-so-counterculture mall stores. You can buy shirts for girls and guys adorned with the blue...
May 02 // Bob Muir

Check out the first promo for Tari Tari from P.A. Works

P.A. Works is streaming the first promo for their next anime, Tari Tari. Based on an original work by Evergreen, this is the story of five high school students who are not yet adults, but don't quite feel like children anymo...
May 02 // Bob Muir

New Kenshin manga is a retelling of the original story

If you were hoping for an entirely new Rurouni Kenshin tale when we first heard about a new manga coming, this might disappoint you. (Then again, why do you want more when the 28-volume original manga wrapped up quite nicely?...

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