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Crystal White . May 11

Want more support from your bra? Support Japan!

You know, it was probably only a matter of time.  Japan has created a "support Japan" bra and underwear set that features fifty-four individually picked messages of well-wishing from over thirty-six countries. Now that's...   0

Crystal White . May 09

Full Metal Panic spinoff work begins this summer

The dust jackets on Full Metal Panic! Sigma volumes have announced that a Full Metal Panic! spinoff is in the works, and will begin this summer, and will coincide with the publishing of previously released FMP! shor...   0

Crystal White . May 08

Keanu might play Kaneda in live action Akira

Lately I've been hearing a lot of complaints about the upcoming live-action Akira, and with good cause. In addition to making major changes to locales, the American film companies are insisting on white-washing the entire mov...   0

Crystal White . May 06

Cat ears respond to your every whim!

You've seen it at cons. I've seen it, everyone's seen it: people with cat ears. Whether it's a hot cat girl or a slave-like cat boy, cat ears inevitably have merged themselves with some aspect of otaku culture that I still ha...   0

Crystal White . May 06

Madoka cafe is a real thing!

Sad that Madoka Magica has come to an end? Don't be! From May 3 to July 18, the Good Smile Cafe in Japan is becoming the Madoka Cafe! The cafe offers Madoka-themed food, soul gem drinks, and witch-styled snacks. Inside t...   0

Crystal White . May 03

Yen Press announces Yotsuba& on the iPad!

Today, Yen Press announced via their Twitter that Yotsuba& will now be available for purchase on the iPad through their downloadable app. While the app itself is free, and looks to have a clean and modern interface, ...   0

Crystal White . Apr 30

K-ON! movie trailer streamed

Had enough K-ON! yet? I thought not. The official Website for K-ON!!'s first feature film began streaming the first teaser trailer on Friday, with the film opening on December 3 in Japan, in over 130 theaters. Additional...   0

Crystal White . Apr 29

Maria Holic Alive OP video is super creepy

The official Website for Maria Holic Alive recently released a music video for the opening theme, Runrunriru Ranranrara as sung by Yu Kobayashi. The strange thing about this video is that Kobayashi herself is comput...   0

Crystal White . Apr 28

Bullet train commercial goes viral, brings hope

In the wake of the earthquake and tsunami, advertisements were pulled across the board from Japanese television so as to not be insensitive by virtue of bombarding people with commercialism. However, one commercial has now ri...   0

Crystal White . Apr 27

Police search for bodies in Fukushima aftermath

On April 20, police have began the search for bodies near the Fukushima Daiichi plant in order to bring closure to families. With more than 11,800 people missing after the earthquake and tsunami fiasco, I imagine there are th...   0

Crystal White . Apr 25

Anime Boston '11: Cosplay gallery #2

In terms of cosplay, Anime Boston really stepped it up this year, with an even greater variety of costumes, and some whose craftsmanship was really great! So Bob and I have decided to share with you even more of our findings ...   0

Crystal White . Apr 21

Kodansha vows authenticity to original Sailor Moon

Kodansha Comics recently sat down for an interview with an writer, Deb Aoki, and revealed that their reprint of Sailor Moon and Codename: Sailor V will be as authentic to the original as is possible for an...   0

Crystal White . Apr 19

Japanator Recommends: Evangelion 2.22

As I've said before, much to the dismay of many community members, the new rebuild of Evangelion movies have been my first foray into the series. I think it's quite an interesting way to be introduced to such a staple of...   0

Crystal White . Apr 19

Sad news: Tokyopop ceases North American publishing

Senior Vice President of Tokyopop, Mike Kiley, has announced that Tokyopop will close their Los Angeles office, effectively shutting down North American publishing on May 31. However, the company's film production will contin...   0

Crystal White . Apr 17

Persona 4 anime trailer revealed!

There's been a lot of hype about the Persona 4 anime that was recently announced. I, for one, am extremely excited to see just what this show is going to do, and now we have a small taste of what's to come. An official t...   0

Crystal White . Apr 16

Disgaea 4 Premium Edition information announced

NIS America has recently announced all of the information you want to know about the Premium Edition of Disgaea 4, available at retailers in September 2011. The Premium Edition will contain a collectible game box and full-col...   0

Crystal White . Apr 16

In times of trouble, make a mascot!

At least that's what the Japanese do. Make mascots, that is. For every time, for every situation, but especially in times of crisis and the tsunami is no exception. While Westerners may find this a strange way to cope--disres...   0

Crystal White . Apr 14

Get a first look at Dunamis15!

Perhaps you've heard of Dunamis15. No? Well then I'll tell you. Dunamis15 is a visual novel by publisher 5pb. This newest title is unique in that each of its five chapters is seen through the eyes of a different characte...   0

Crystal White . Apr 12

Yamaguchi-gumi yakuza boss freed

This isn't just any yakuza boss. Kenichi Shinoda, Japan's top yakuza boss, was released from prison yesterday after having served a sentence for illegal possession of a firearm. Shinoda is the head of the Yamaguchi-gumi,...   0

Crystal White . Apr 10

Team Fortress 2 hat sales raise money for Japan

As we all know, Team Fortress 2 has become a game that is purely about the collection of hats. Don't fight me on this one, if you play it, you know it's true. And yet, somehow this inane collection of virtual wares is do...   0

Crystal White . Apr 08

Gundam UC episode 3 on sale in Japan

Hey Gundam fans, the third episode of Gundam UC entitled "The Ghost of Laplace" is on sale on Blu-ray now in Japan. If you're interested in getting a copy imported, I'm sure you can. Still though, I think it's crazy...   0

Crystal White . Apr 06

Live action Cowboy Bebop still in talks

Remember when we all heard about the possibility of a live action Cowboy Bebop? Seems cool, right? And then we heard that Keanu Reeves was up to play Spike Spiegel...ugh. Or at least that was the general reaction of the publi...   0

Crystal White . Apr 05

Jackie Chan raises millions for Japan relief

There is a well known rivalry between China and Japan at times, but if you look at what Jackie Chan's done, you'd never know it. The famous actor, often known for doing all of his own stunt work, got right down to business af...   0

Crystal White . Apr 04

Heroes stars to voice Wolverine, Iron Man anime leads

I know many of you have voiced your dismay at the Wolverine anime, along with its Iron Man counterpart, though I admit I'm intrigued. As for their English voice overs, I am both enthusiastic and concerned. Firs...   0

Crystal White . Apr 03

Kodansha reprints Love Hina and Tokyo Mew Mew!

Get excited! Kodansha's U.S. branch, Kodansha Comics has revealed omnibus versions of Love Hina and Tokyo Mew Mew! The first omnibus edition of Love Hina will contain volumes 1-3 of the manga and cost $19.99, while ...   0

Crystal White . Apr 01

Justin Bieber auctions off hair for Japan relief

Yes, you read that right. In February, Justin Bieber cut his hair from it's normal shaggy mop style to something a bit shorter and more adult, causing a Twitter frenzy after he tweeted out a picture of his new 'do. As we all ...   0

Crystal White . Mar 31

Manga predicted reactor meltdown?

It seems that the manga Hakuryu Legend experienced a bit of ESP in its last issue. Recently the manga began it's "Atomic Mafia" story arc, and the dialogue included in the latest issue is eerily similar to what people ha...   0

Crystal White . Mar 30

A fine moment in Japanese robotics

You'd think with all of their abilities in robotics that perhaps some creations out of Japan would be a little I guess this robot is really good at what it does, but puts all of it's amazing abilities to lame use...   0

Crystal White . Mar 28

Smoking up for Japan: a good cause?

It seems everyone's been trying to help out Japan in their own way, and Compassionate Pain Management's owner, Shaun Gindi, is no exception. Compassionate Pain Management is a medical marijuana dispensary located in both Lake...   0

Crystal White . Mar 26

A look at The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya #8

This volume of The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya wastes no time in completely dumping the reader into the midst of the plot. However, it did become immediately apparent that to the narrator, Kyon, the entire world h...   0

Crystal White . Mar 25

Think you're a Yakuza 4 fan? Look at this guy.

This 46-year-old Australian man is such a huge fan of Yakuza 4 that he has spent $9,000 to get a full back tattoo that is identical to the one Kazuma has. Kazuma is the main character of the game and a Yakuza badass. Whi...   0

Crystal White . Mar 23

Cool and cheerful Japanese energy conservation posters

In the wake of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan, there has been a widespread call for energy conservation in effort to relieve the impact of the disasters and divert power to where it is really needed. Seeing a need to inf...   0

Crystal White . Mar 22

Akira Toriyama wants you to send your genkidama to Japan!

For those of you who don't know, genkidama is the Japanese term for the "Spirit Bomb" technique of DBZ fame. The creator of Goku and all his friends, Akira Toriyama, has created a short clip on YouTube, promising th...   0

Crystal White . Mar 21

Live action Mario trailer from SXSW

As you may (or may not) know, I'm totally a sucker for fan-made trailers on YouTube. Half the time I think the fans have a better idea of what an audience wants than the studios do, and that sort of creative freedom allows fo...   0

Crystal White . Mar 19

Japanator Recommends: Gun X Sword

Gun X Sword was a series I'd never heard of. Not even a whisper. Nothing. In fact, the only reason I originally took it was because it sounded like an action show, and I was in the mood to watch one. When I saw the cover...   0

Crystal White . Mar 18

Hoax: Man says Japan is covering up the nuclear crisis

Recently, a YouTube video was uploaded by a man who claims that Japan is secretly covering up the nuclear crisis in Fukushima, stating that there is no news on any channel and that YouTube itself has been restricted in Japan....   0

Crystal White . Mar 17

Check out this awesome retro Japanese sci-fi art

Remember the good ol' days of the 70s and 80s? When sci-fi was a thing with a wonderfully cheesy imagination and near limitless future? Well now you can check out sci-fi art as the Japanese saw it during this time. Even thoug...   0

Crystal White . Mar 16

Be jealous: Europe gets sweet P3P package

Oh yeah, Europe totally has the rest of the world beat for their awesome Persona 3 Portable collector's edition. In addition to the game itself, those who pre-order the collector's edition will receive: A 48-page hardcover a...   0

Crystal White . Mar 15

Not a huge sushi person? Not a problem

Even some of us die hard Japan enthusiasts can't get our minds wrapped around sushi. I know a ton of my friends love it, and believe me, I've tried it on several occasions, but to no avail. I just can't do it. It's the seawee...   0

Crystal White . Mar 14

Japan's Internet survives natural disasters

For a country that has endured as much as Japan has recently, you have to give them kudos for having a strong infrastructure. Despite the 9.0 quake that struck, a surprisingly low percentage of Internet connections dropped th...   0

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