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Aug 31 // Josh Totman

Japanator Eats: Green Tea Snacks Part 3

Final installment of the green tea series is up for your viewing pleasure. It was a heck of a ride tasting all the green tea snacks that I got my hands on. Some were great, and some, were not that great... The main thing though is, just get out there and try something new. You never know when you will find that new favorite snack.
Jul 24 // Josh Totman

Japanator Eats: Green Tea Snacks Part 2

All your green tea snacks are belong to me. All your green tea snacks are belong to me. All your green tea snacks are belong to me.
Jul 17 // Josh Totman

Vocaloid concert coming to Phantasy Star Online 2

Sometimes when you're out killing hundreds of monsters for XP in a MMO you think to yourself, "Gee, I sure wish I could take my character to go see a show of some sort." Well fear not, my friends. Sega has just announced that...
Jul 14 // Josh Totman

First Impressions: Momo Kyun Sword

As the site’s official “boob anime connoisseur”, it is my duty to watch all the boob anime each season.  It’s a filthy dirty job most of the time, but there are times when it can pay off beyond the bounce and deliver a good engaging story. This season, I’m afraid to say, will not be one that I see paying off...
Jul 14 // Josh Totman

Japanator Eats: Green Tea Snacks Part 1

Green tea snacks are so lovely. If there is a green tea version of any food, I will undoubtedly get that version of it. I'm drawn into the bitterness of the green tea matched with the sweetness of anything else that it is with. For this first part, I have some green tea Pocky variations by the names of Pocky Crush and Pocky Midi.
Jul 14 // Josh Totman

New grapefruit flavor will make you pucker this summer

Coming to convenient stores across Japan is a new sour popsicle from the maker of the Gari Gari-kun Soda popsicle. Their new flavor puts your sourness to the test by combining lemon and grapefruit together. The bar itself is ...
Jul 13 // Josh Totman

Tekken 7 announced with teaser trailer

During this year's EVO fighting tournament, Tekken producer Katsuhiro Harada revealed that the latest installment in the Tekken series is in development at Bandai Namco.  The teaser trailer doesn't show any gameplay and...
Jul 02 // Josh Totman

New Freedom Wars story trailer looks mighty good

So the rock that I currently live under doesn't seem to have any connection to what is going on in the video game world. If it did, then I wouldn't just be now finding out about the futuristic co-op action game Freedom Wars ...
Jun 27 // Josh Totman

Japanator Eats: Strawberry and Wasabi Kit Kats

It's finally time for some more snack reviews from yours truly! I got my hands on some more of those flavored Kit Kats that everyone likes to hear about. Strawberry and wasabi flavors both had it's surprising side to them, but not like you might expect. I don't want to give too much away from the video. Sit back and enjoy me snacking away on something yummy. 
Jun 24 // Josh Totman

Akiba Strip 2 has new PS4 sharing gameplay features

If Akiba Trip 2 couldn't get any crazier, along comes it's new 'share & chat' feature. It's bad enough that the game requires you to save Akihabara from the undead by striping them of clothes so that that the sun can des...
Jun 18 // Josh Totman

Beat Down Boogie's new cosplay video is full of summertime fun

Summertime is now upon us which means out with that bulky cosplay and into something a little more fun. By fun, I mean swimwear. Beat Down Boogie just released, what I'm calling, the beach episode of cosplay music videos. Recorded at Colossal Con in Sandusky, Ohio at Kalahari Waterpark resort. You can now see why I'm calling it what I'm calling it. 
Jun 11 // Josh Totman

E3 2014: Palutena's anime reveal is glorious

One thing I got to give the people at Nintendo, is that they know how to make a reveal for their Super Smash Brothers games. In the trailer above, we get a beautiful anime sequence of Pit and Link fighting it out. When, all ...
Jun 09 // Josh Totman

A Titan comes to Tokyo

D Piddy is out and around Tokyo trying to share his love of Attack on Titan. Some are accepting of it, while others are not. Either way, it makes for a hilarious video! In other news, I'M BACK!
Feb 07 // Josh Totman

May'n gets an adorable nendoroid

As you know, I love May'n. Her voice, her eyes, her legs, and her love of taiyaki steals my heart every time I see her. Oh how I wish I could have her here in my house to bask in her wonderfulness. Well, I can now in a way. A...
Feb 07 // Josh Totman

New trailer for sentai comedy Joshizu

Yuichi Fukuda's sentai comedy Joshizu has a new 40 second trailer out now. The comedy revolves around Naoko Akagi (played by Mirei Kiritani), a busy career-oriented woman who's been chosen as Red in a new all-female super he...
Jan 31 // Josh Totman

Pentagon shaped oranges are a thing now

Not that this is a large stretch from square watermelons, but some fruit farmers in Ehime prefecture thought that a four sided fruit was not good enough for them, so they went out and made a five sided orange called Goka...
Jan 28 // Josh Totman

Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z looks to be one crazy game

In this newest trailer for Tecmo Koei's zombie kill fest Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z, we get to check out Yaiba's newest outfits in the game. Some of the crazy outfits include standard camouflage, a Nuigulumar outfit from the movi...
Jan 28 // Josh Totman

Haagen-Dazs release limited flavors Sakura and Rose

For the 30th anniversary of Haagen-Dazs, they will be releasing two limited edition flavors Sakura and Rose. Each of these flavors will have actual sakura petals and rose petals mixed in with the ice cream. Don't worry though...
Jan 25 // Josh Totman

Bandai releasing Attack on Titan merchandise this April

Bandai is set to release a small line of electronic goods that bare the symbol and colors of the Survey Corps from Attack on Titan this April in Japan.  The SK-01GR large headphones will run you 3,800yen ($37US) and just...
Jan 24 // Josh Totman

Live action titans are insanely awesome

How many of you are excited about the live action Attack on Titan movie? I know I am! One of the things that I am also excited to see is how they are going to do the titans in the movie. Are they going to be live action or C...
Jan 24 // Josh Totman

32-song Project Diva F 2nd trailer is a delight to hear

The newest trailer for the PS3 and PS Vita game Hatsune Miku: Project Diva F 2nd is out now for your listening and viewing pleasure. The extra long trailer takes you through 32 songs that will be available in the new ga...
Jan 22 // Josh Totman

More! Sonicomi gameplay videos show you how to shoot

Nitroplus and Kadokawa Games released two new gameplay videos from their upcoming PS3 title More! SoniComi. In the game, you play a photographer with the task of shooting the voluptuous Sonico in photo shoots. During th...
Jan 22 // Josh Totman

No need to buy Yakuza Ishin on PS3 producer claims

It seems to me that this is really a crappy way to sell your game. I mean, it's fine and all to show off how great the PS4 technology is, but then what about your fan base of PS3 users? In the video above, Producer Masa...
Jan 17 // Josh Totman

Take a look at some makizushi art

If you have been following me on here, you know that I know my way around a kitchen. Now, I can make makizushi (rolled sushi) the regular way, but I couldn't even dream about making it like Takayo "Tama-chan" Kiyota.&nbs...
Jan 15 // Josh Totman

More details on Dekamori Senran Kagura bounce in

When Marvelous AQL announced a rhythm cooking game staring the lovely ladies of Senran Kagura, needless to say, I was one happy man. It has everything that I would ever want in a game; good music, cooking food, and busty wome...
Jan 13 // Josh Totman

May'n teases us with a 1-chorus music video

With her upcoming new album New World being released on January 29th; May'n has released a 1-chorus version of her title song "Lose My Illusions." This is only her fourth album release since coming onto the music s...
Jan 12 // Josh Totman

New DOA 5 Ultimate character coming to consoles

As the final rounds of the national Dead or Alive 5 tournament were just about to start; Team Ninja developer Yosuke Hayashi had a couple of new announcement he wanted to share with the crowd. The first think ...
Jan 10 // Josh Totman

First Impressions: Witch Craft Works

J.C. Staff is my drug of choice when it comes to romantic comedies as of late. From the stories, to the quality of the animation, character design, and so on, it’s no wonder that I was excited for their new show Witch C...
Jan 07 // Josh Totman

20th anniversary Sailor Moon album is full of talent

One of the last things I would've ever thought I would be doing on this site would be writing anything about Sailor Moon. Mainly this is because I am not exactly the demographic that the series was aiming for, but none the le...
Dec 31 // Josh Totman

Moyashimon manga ending Jan. 22nd

It seems in this day and age that the cool way of breaking the news to everyone is through Twitter. Word travels fast on the Twitter express, and you can be sure that it's no bull when it comes from the creator's own account....
Dec 31 // Josh Totman

Possible Senran Kagura 2 announcement soon

Looks like Marvelous AQL might be announcing the next installment of the busty shinobi series Senran Kagura. Accorning to the event page on NicoNico Live page, there is a live event called “Senran Kagura Bakun...
Dec 31 // Josh Totman

History of Gundam now on display in Chiba

Mech anime and I don't really gel too well. It likes to call me up from time to time, seeing if I'm free on the weekend, but most of the time I just make up an excuse not to go. Sure, mechs are wonderful to look at, but just ...
Dec 27 // Josh Totman

Update: 10 minute preview of Space Dandy now online

[Update: One of our readers has expressed concerns that the above video was pirated, leaked, or otherwise not cleared for promotional purposes. After conducting a bit more research, we've determined that the promotional clip...
Dec 25 // Josh Totman

You remembered to get the KFC today, right?

It's not a Japanese Christmas without KFC. So enjoy this gallery of Colonel Sanders dressed up as Santa and other things.
Dec 24 // Josh Totman

Miku Wing Shop opening soon at Haneda Airport

Hatsune Miku has done quite a bit in her short six year career so far. She has had chart topping music, live concerts, video games, an opera, sold cars, and much more. There's not much that this digital diva can't do! With he...
Dec 23 // Josh Totman

Baskin Robbins new savory ice cream

Why is it that only Japan, and other countries not named the US, get all the experimental foods from major corporations? It gets on my nerves to see all the wonderful flavor combination that will never be close to me. Normall...
Dec 20 // Josh Totman

The Dose: Yui

Greetings friends! Today I am taking over The Dose to bring you a important announcement. It's my birthday today! So for my birthday today, I'm going to have the lovely Yui sing me a song. And that song is Happy Birthday to You You. It's a catchy little song that I've been listening to all day. Sing along, won't you!  
Dec 20 // Josh Totman

McDonald's Japan set to close 74 stores

According to Bloomberg reports, the full-year profit reports for McDonald's in Japan are below half of what they are expecting. Analysts were expecting the franchise to make 9.53 billion yen ($91.3 million) by the end of Dece...
Dec 19 // Josh Totman

NFL AM promotes the 20th anniversary of the Power Rangers

Well this isn't something you see everyday. I would have never of guessed that the Power Rangers would team up with the NFL by any means, but here we are. The Power Rangers are celebrating their 20th anniversary this year an...
Dec 18 // Josh Totman

Van itasha is just crazy

Itasha is a loose term for fixing up your mode of transportation with all sorts of images of anime characters, figures, dakimakura (hugging pillow), or anything else you can find. Most people just slap some decals on the outs...

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