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Garo: The One who Shines in the Darkness

Vanquish more Horrors with new details on Garo Season 3

5:00 PM on 02.26.2013 // Salvador G Rodiles

Nice, Junya Ikeda is a pervert.

Just to let you all know, I have recovered from my injuries that resulted from jumping out of a window. Right as I am up and kicking, more juicy bits that are related to Garo: The One who Shines in the Darkness surface before me -- I think I am going to jump out again. 

I'm so glad that my eyes are okay, because Junya Ikeda will be playing as Takeru Jakuzure, who happens to be known as Zen the Flame Sword Knight (Enjin Kishi Zen). And the best part out of his new character is that Takeru will be a perverted Makai Knight, so I'm already looking forward to Ikeda's portrayal of him. 

The Archer Makai Knight will be referred to as Gai the Heavenly Bow Knight (Tenkyu Kishi Gai), and his identity is a warrior prideful warrior known as Aguri Kusugami. Silly enough, Tsunenori Aoki (the actor that portrays Aguri) loves the idea that he's going to play as the first megane Makai Knight.

If you remember Igari Juzo from episode 8 of Garo: Makai Senki, then you'll love this next piece of news. It turns out that Kouhei Otomo will play the role of Burai, an older Makai Priest that spoke to our new hero during the trailer. In other words, he might play the role of a mentor-like character to the three main Makai Knights of the series. 

It looks like my theory of our new hero being Kouga's son is out of the question, since he goes by the name of Ryuga Dougai (played by Wataru Kuriyama). However, I was right about Ryuga inheriting the powers of the Golden Knight, so we know that he's most likely a disciple of Kouga. 

Garo: The One who Shines in the Darkness will take place in a new setting known as Vol City, which is a good way to justify the idea of having a Garo series with a whole new cast. And I for one am still interested in the show's new direction, so I shall stay away from any nearby windows until April arrives. 

I also enjoy the fact that Junya Ikeda told the staff that he loves Garo for its great action and boobs; however, Ikeda was joking, but it's still a silly comment that goes great in my book -- keep up the good work, Ikeda. 

[via Henshin Justice -- Thanks for the information about Burai and the two supporting Makai Knights, Charles Xavier]

Salvador G Rodiles, Senior Editor
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