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Vertical licenses Witchcraft Works manga

4:40 PM on 01.12.2014

Tim Sheehy


Listed for pre-order at online retailers

Although they've yet to make any official announcements, it appears Vertical has licensed the Witchcraft Works manga, originally published in Kodansha's bi-monthly seinen magazine good! Afternoon. Amazon and Random House have listed the first volume for pre-order, due out later this year. I can't imagine this is how they were expecting to announce the title, but we're really happy for them as it's pretty big news, especially considering an anime based on the manga is currently airing this season. 

The story follows an unassuming high school student named Honoka who finds himself being targeted by a group of witches. However, their efforts to capture him are constantly thwarted by an unlikely guardian named Ayaka Kagari who just happens to be most popular girl in his class and also, wait for it, a witch. Go figure, right? If that might strike your fancy, you can catch the anime simulcast through Crunchyroll, and you can pre-order the first volume of manga through one of the retailers listed above. Witchcraft Works, Volume 1 retails for $12.95 and will be available on September 30th.

[via @non8noninfinite]

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