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Neonie avatar 5:42 AM on 03.02.2010  (server time)
Visualizing the Moe Scale

On a recent episode of Japanator AM they discussed having a Moe Scale. I set out today to make that scale a reality, using a 5 point, easy to understand Moe System to bring you, the reader, the best, and quickest possible way to see exactly how Moe something is at a glance (god knows your not going to read the Moe review).

Number 1: 3-D Pig Disgusting

This title has the overall most misleading title. Not all 3D women are pig disgusting, that kind of goes without saying. The term was actually invented out of a hatred for Japanese women (and women in general) who want nothing more to do with relationships then money, muscles and giant cock. it is NOT, in fact, a hatred for real women in general, just whores.

Number 2: What are boobs?!

That's a picture from queens blade. She has big boobs. Boobs are not moe. Self explanatory.


Ritsu is, in the general publics opinion, the least moe of the K-ON! bunch. (I think Mio probably fills that role but whatever this is not about me.) These moe gal's are a bit rough around the edges, they don't fill the role of a "cutesy" girl enough and, as such, need to be MORE moe.

Number 2: Tighten the Graphics on Level 2

Horo is about as close to moe as you can get without actually being moe. To start, shes over 9000 years old, second, she is way to tall to be a moe, and thirdly, shes a tsundere. Tsundere's can't be moe's because knights can't be wizards. FACT.

The Perfect Moe

Azu-Nyan is as close to the perfect moe as you will get. Shes quiet, shes cute, shes twin tailed. Shes is adorable in every instance and looks good with nekomimi ears. Put up to a battle of the moe's, Azu-Nyan would easily win the most "D'AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAW"'s.

TLDR recap scale:

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