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Vocaloid Galore: Mikunopolis Combo is up for pre-order

12:20 AM on 02.26.2013 // Salvador G Rodiles

Get your Miku while she's hot.

Ever wanted to relive your experience of seeing Hatsune Miku live with her comrades in Los Angeles? Well, Aniplex is ready to let unlock the ability for consumers to pre-order Mikunopolis in Los Angeles as a limited edition Blu-ray and CD combo.

Lovers of the green haired pigtail diva will get to listen to 24 songs from the 2011 LA concert with subtitles that will let any viewer understand the meaning behind her catchy songs. You will also get a PET sleeve case and a double sided poster that you can can in your living quarters, so that others can witness your passionate love towards Miku. 

Thanks to Rightstuf, people can pre-order Mikunopolis in LA for US $59.98, which isn't much of a critical hit, since you are getting two ways to experience the songs of Mikunopolis, along with a poster and special case. The only downside about this order is that the four medley songs aren't subbed, due to Aniplex wanting to give respect to the intentions of the original creators. But either way, you still have 20 subbed songs for the concert, so there's still plenty of Miku love to go around. 

As you linger on your decision, you can check out the track listings and the image of the whole package in the section below. 

Track Listing

01. Project Diva desu. 
02. World is Mine 
03. Electric Angel 
04. [email protected] in Love 
05. Clover Club 
06. Poppippo 
07. Romeo and Cinderella 

Medley (Tracks 8-11)

08. Uraomote Lovers 
09. Puzzle 
10. VOiCE 
11. 1/6 -out of the gravity- 

12. moon 
13. The Disappearance of Hatsune Miku 
14. The Butterfly on My Right Shoulder 
15. Roshin Yukai 
16. Just Be Friends 
17. World's End Dancehall 
18. from Y to Y 
19. The Furthest Reaches 
20. Finder (DSLR remix-re:edit) 
21. SPiCa 


22. Aikotoba 
23. Stargazer 
24. The First Sound

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