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Vocaloid music invades Super Robot Wars UX's new promo

2:40 AM on 02.16.2013

Salvador GRodiles

Senior Editor

Miku's segment only.

Not to sound like a broken record again, but Super Robot Wars UX's visuals have yet to impress me. And yet, I always enjoy the comfort of viewing these flashy trailers that Banpresto uses to show off more of the game's roster and features. This time around, we are getting a few samples of the tracks that have received the SRW remix treatment for UX

Hatsune Miku's battle theme has a vocal track, so players will be able to get the full vocaloid experience when you use the Miku Fei-Yen on your team. But in reality, I am actually in it for the original units, because we now get to see their voices and animations in action.

Aw, isn't that cute, Riot B thinks that it can be like Dygenguar. Too bad for him, there is only one man that's worthy of being the sword that cleaves through evil. But anyways, Super Robot UX doesn't look like it's offering anything worthwhile yet. So chances are that it will be best to wait for the next title that will make our bodies burn from rejoice. 

[via Siliconera]

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