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Space Dandy

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3:00 PM on 12.02.2013 // Ben Huber

The one-stop-shop for Space Dandy trailers and videos!

You don't need me to sell you on Space Dandy anymore, do you? It should be patently obvious why this show is a big deal: not only is it Shinichiro Watanabe's return to space, but it's also the first anime to be dubbed and broadcast on Cartoon Network at (almost) the same time it airs in Japan. I can only hope for wild success, because who wouldn't want more anime to be released in this fashion? It's a worldwide market for anime, folks!

Well, enough of me blathering. Here are the latest trailers from both Bandai and Toonami for Space Dandy. The Japanese PV is a bit longer but the Toonami ad also has some unique clips in it. I'm going to try to stay objective and be a responsible writer when I cover this show when it starts in January, but it will be a tough battle.

It looks like we have everything in order. Space boobs! Space cats! Space vagina! Space penis! Space aliens! Space ships! Space Dandy!

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