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Weekend Japanatainment - Anime Games Edition

7:00 PM on 03.05.2017 // Red Veron

Animu Gamez

[Possible mature language for the videos below]

Video games based on anime are never in short supply, anime is a very exciting visual medium that lends well to the interactivity of video games. However, making video games is not an easy task with the pesky part that good video games take a lot of time and money. Most anime-based video games tend to not get a lot of money and/or time and some are just unabashed cash grabs but there are good ones out there.

This week's Japanatainment is not about what is a good or bad anime-based game (mostly bad), but a showcase of a few of those games by some online video personalities that will give you an idea of how these games play.

Is there an anime-based game you like? SHARE IN THE COMMENTS BELOW. I wanna know!


[Possible mature language for the videos below]

GameSack - Anime and Manga Games

A few retro anime and manga based games from the too dudes from GameSack. They aren't fans of anime or manga so it's interesting to hear their take on old games based those mediums.


Akiba's Strip - Super Best Friends Play

If you've not heard of the cool guys from Super Best Friends, then you're missing out because they like anime and video games. They play video games and have some funny commentary and the video above has the crew playing a very Japanese video game about stripping the clothes of vampire-like creatures terrorizing Akihabara.


Bad Anime Games - Eruption

Austin Eruption loves anime and video games, and he made this video about bad video games based on anime. (Direct all your hate mail to him and him alone)


Berserk and the Band of the Hawk - Super Best Friends Play

Another video from the Super Best Friends as they play a game based on the original and one true "Black Swordsman".


Sword Art Online Games Suck - Eruption

Direct all your hate mail to Austin. Not me. Yes, I also thought the first few episodes of SAO were good but the rest were just very different.


Is there an anime-based game you like? SHARE IN THE COMMENTS BELOW. I wanna know!

Red Veron, Contributor
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