Wha' Happened: Earmuff Day

11:32 PM on 03.13.2012
Wha' Happened: Earmuff Day photo

Yea, you heard right. It's Earmuff Day... or it was. I'm a bit late today so the holiday is technically over in some places, but that shouldn't keep everyone from wearing some earmuffs despite the unseasonably warm weather. Think of what life was like without earmuffs. There were probably a lot of cold ears. Then again, maybe people just wore hats with those dangly flap things.

It's one of those mysteries that will never be answered unless someone goes over to Wikipedia and reads about earmuffs. But why would you want to read about earmuffs when you can read all the great stuff below instead?


Interview: Cabin in the Woods actors Richard Jenkins and Bradley Whitford.
Concept art of puppet film noir The Happy Time Murders. This looks sickly awesome.
More horrible Avengers posters. Plus bonus MS Paint poster!


Preview: Showdown Effect. It's action movie cliches in videogame form.
No Episode 3 of Sonic 4 is planned. Who do they think they are? Valve?
Pachter says Wii U is Nintendo's Dreamcast. Does that mean more Powerstone?


Review: Peanuts Formation Arts Vol. 2. I love Snoopy.
Che Guerra in intimidating toy form.
Import Roundup for the week.

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