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What recession? Viz looking for a Collateral Coordinator and Web Development intern

8:00 PM on 09.07.2009 // Brad Rice

Viz sure is ignoring this whole cutback on new jobs: we've got yet another set of positions opening up: the first one, which isn't so much a job as free labor that gets you college credit (which I then had to pay money for in my own experience), is working as a web production intern. This job consists of skill sets that you'd expect: HTML, CSS, PHP, Flash, and it looks like you'd be helping out Viz Europe -- a knowledge of French is greatly appreciated.

The other one, Collateral Coordinator, sounds a bit more action-y, and provides a bit better of a paycheck, I'd wager. You'd be responsible for getting all of Viz's latest acquisitions from Japan over here to the U.S. So that means handling documentation, reports and the like.

The requirements for the job aren't actually too bad -- it's open to most people who have a few years of work under their belt, and the only hurdle is an effective level of Japanese language knowledge, because it'd require translations day in and day out, and dealing with the Japanese firms Shogakukan and Shueisha quite often.

Let us know if you're applying: we'll put in a good word for you!

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