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Whatever happened to that 'Tentacle Grape' soda flavor?

4:00 PM on 12.30.2010 // Josh Tolentino

Some time ago, there was a bit of a stir caused by a novelty softdrink, Tentacle Grape. It made some otaku laugh, because it's a fun little joke. It offended some otaku, because non-otaku used it to make fun of those crazy monster-sex perverts that all anime watchers must be, since all Japanese cartoons are like that. For the record, I was in the former camp. It's cute, but just a name and art for boring old grape soda.

Then it disappeared from the collective mindset, never again to appear except as a special order item or occasionally at conventions. 

And now it's back! As the Tentacle Grape brand is now under new management. Who owns it, you ask? Cosplay Deviants owns it, that's who! And who are Cosplay Deviants, you ask? You can find out more at this site, but I'd suggest not visiting it while at work. 

It's quite appropriate that they own the rights to Tentacle Grape now, I'm thinking. Do you think so, too?


Josh Tolentino, Managing Editor
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