Where will Yakuza 5 happen? You decide!

6:00 PM on 10.30.2011
Where will Yakuza 5 happen? You decide! photo

Actually, the Yakuza games have all gone to varied locations all about mob-infested Japan. Kazuma Kiryu and his stone-faced stoicism have visited Kyoto for an east-versus-west gang war. He's founded an orphanage in Okinawa, and even gone to an alternate dimension chock-full of zombies and guns.

No matter where Kazuma and pals have gone, though, Yakuza's heart and home has always resided in Kamuro-cho, the fictional Tokyo nightlife district stuck right where the real-life Kabuki-cho would be.

Now, though, even Kazuma's steely resolve won't be enough to help him decide where his fifth outing will take him. He needs your help.

Thankfully, Sega's stepped up and decided to help you help him, through the magic of internet polls. Yakuza fans can head over here to vote for one of four cities: the Kansai capital of Osaka (though Kyotoites would beg to differ), Nobunaga's fastness in Nagoya, the Beer-and-Snow sanctuary of Sapporo, and the land of the Kamikaze and the 14th Most Liveable City in the World, Fukuoka.

Personally, I'd like to vote for Osaka, seeing as it's considered one of the "Big Three" cities of note in Glorious Nippon, but Sapporo could be cool, too. Not enough Japanese games focus on the wild northlands of Hokkaido, and seeing Kazuma kick some bears in the face would be awesome.

Where are you voting for?


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