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Why Japanese women are so excited to strip down

11:00 PM on 11.21.2010 // Crystal White

You've seen it.

I've seen it.

All of that is the interwebs has seen it.

Yes, I'm speaking of naked Japanese girls. But why? Why is a country full of people who love the idea of modesty producing over 10,000 adult videos a year filled with women so eager to get naked? In fact, with such contradiction, why do these women even choose to strip down at all? In the past, psychologist Takashi Tomita says that most women posed nude for money, but now it's all about the ego. And why not? If you're a young, hot, twenty-something, why not strut your stuff?

Posing nude in photographs, adult videos, or even stripping has become a liberating experience for many women, with one young woman remarking "I just happen to think my body is extraordinarily beautiful. I love it when men praise my nude body." Another woman explains "I wanted some beautiful nudes of myself while I'm still young." I can't really argue with them. I say if it's empowering, go for it. However, I do question the line between "empowering self expression" and full-blown porn.  

A nice self esteem boost isn't the only reason for posing nude though. One 40-year-old woman used it as a means for revenge against her cheating husband. Seems like a good plan to me, even if a little risqué. So what do you think? Is posing naked empowering for the women of Japan, or simply degrading because of how it's viewed? Does context matter? Is a tasteful nude photo better than being in an "adult video," or is it all the same? 

Crystal White,
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