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Monster Hunter 4

Woah: 3DS gets Monster Hunter...4!

5:00 PM on 09.13.2011 // Josh Tolentino

Now this is a get. Right on the heels of the Nintendo 3DS securing an almost-sequel to Monster Hunter Tri in the form of Monster Hunter Tri 3G, the 3DS is getting an actual sequel to that, entitled (wait for it)...Monster Hunter 4

As said before, Monster Hunter's a system-savior over in Glorious Nippon, and the 3DS just underwent its recent drastic price cut. That means that while the 3DS' long, long, long overdue flood of killer games has finally begun, and with the killer game (in Japan, at least) close to the head of the pack.

Going by the trailer below, one of Monster Hunter 4's key new additions seems to pertain to terrain. The beleaguered hunter beset by a Tigrex and Rathalos (at the same time!) is now able to scramble over hills, into valleys, and climb up and down walls to delay an inevitable demise an embarrassing return-by-Felyne-cart to whatever village prospective hunters will crowd in. IN THREEE-DEEE!!!

In addition to the big Monster Hunter 4 announcement, the big N announced a price and details for its still-ridiculous 2nd Slide-Pad peripheral. The cradle-like device will debut in Japan for about 1,500 Yen, and developers will need to specifically add in support for the thing to make it work. It'll also require its own AAA battery to run. 

Thankfully, a clutch of new, high-profile games will at least be compatible with it, including an Ace Combat title, Metal Gear, Resident Evil, Dynasty Warriors, and Kingdom Hearts, so at least this time there will be some compelling software to spur people to take the plunge.

At the same time, the add-on still keeps me wary. I keep thinking to just hold off, despite the price cut and the new goods, simply because this sounds like something they'll just incorporate into the next version of the 3DS, like a "3DS Lite" or "3DS XL" or "3DSi" or "3DS U", or whatever name they'll decide to use instead of "In Your Face, Early Adopter Scum".

But still, Monster Hunter 4!

Josh Tolentino, Managing Editor
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