Wonder Breasts 2008

Feb 27 // Zac Bentz

The annual orgy of model kits, figures and toys known as Wonder Festival has come and gone, but the photos of its contents continue to be released seemingly without end. Wonder Fest is the place for every anime otaku and general Japanese pop culture nerd to belly up and feast upon millions of mini merchandising gold-mines, then purge, rinse and repeat.

As always, Danny Choo brings us a staggering collection of photos from the floor. While the ratio of boobs to wieners is far too large to print here, there are a few shots of things other than giant mammaries. Not that there's anything wrong with that. Never-the-less, let's label this NSFW just to be safe. Danny also has a naughty file of "adult" figures best viewed outside the workplace.

Speaking of wieners, there was also word of wood. Francesco from Hobby Media sent us word of otaku-girl blogger Julie Watai and her photos of wood carved anime girls. I'm not positive, but I think this has to be a first. What's next, chainsaw figures? No, seriously, I want to see some life-sized wooden girls cut with a chainsaw. Someone get on that.

Check out the gallery for those wooden sculptures and a photo of Julie-chan with a totally sweet Danbo. 

Photo Gallery:   (you can use your arrow keys)


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