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World saved! Atlus will now wear the Dragon's Crown

1:00 PM on 04.20.2012 // Salvador G Rodiles

All hail the new king! It was bad enough that Dragon's Crown was already going through some issues in regards to the game's completion. In the light of a new day, Atlus has decided to take over the publication of the game, which means that the crown has been placed in better hands. 

To be fair in the matter, Atlus did not snag the title away from Ignition. In reality, Ignition was already going through some issues prior to this news. Having been bought out by Disney along with losing one of their own studios can result in making it difficult to keep up with Dragon's Crown's localization. 

Seeing how the crown lacks a king worthy of wearing its sacred head gear, Atlus comes to the rescue and dons the legendary head piece. Apparently, there were some rumors going around in regards to the game's pricing, which Atlus themselves confirmed that the game is going to be over $29.99.

At this point, I don't think the price matters when it comes to this game. Vanillaware is known for making their games look like valuable treasures that deliver a fun adventure for fans of the type of gameplay that they ignite from game to game. Taking into account that the game will be close to 40 to 50 hours or more, I think that is enough content to justify the higher price, along with the hard work put into the visuals and animations for the game. 

Dragon's Crown has been delayed to 2013 for North America, and the Japanese release continues to remain TBA. 

[via Destructoid, VG24/7, Andriasang]


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