Would you like some sugar and snake with your coffee?

4:00 PM on 11.09.2012

Are you getting sick of your everyday maid-kissa and butler cafes? Is stopping by the AKB48 Cafe or stopping by your local Gundam hotspot wearing thin? Well, a Japanese news show took a peak at some interesting new themed cafes that have popped up around the country. I hope you like a little lizard with your latte.

The first stop is a pretty normal look Starbucks, except that it's located in beautiful Ueno Park, and designed to be open airy and relaxing. Perfect to get hyped up on some Java. Next up is The Falconer's cafe, where people can play with falcons and crazy stuff. Just make sure to cover your mug when there's a flyby! After that you can swing by Yokohama's Reptile Cafe! Yup, lizards and coffee, match made in heaven. Finally, there's the somewhat normal, Stationary Cafe, where you can look at dope stationary as well as write on it! Now that's just bonkers!

[Via Japan Probe]

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