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Yakuza 4 PSN battle demo impressions

3:30 PM on 02.18.2011 // Tim Sheehy

The other day the Yakuza 4 battle demo was added to the Playstation Network. Given my love for the series, I decided to give it a go. While I had hoped they'd throw in a mini-game or something as a little bonus, Sega went with just four battle sequences featuring the game's protagonists -- each of which have their pros and cons, as well as unique fighting styles.

Read more about them after the jump.

What are they looking at??

The first battle we're treated to features Shun Akiyama whose style prodominantly consists of kicks -- sort of like what most of you would expect from a taikwando practicioner. His medium build allows him the same speed you'd expect from Kazuma, making it easy to take on large groups of enemies while dodging their attacks.

The second battle features Masayoshi Tanimura, a member of the police force. His style is a little less defined but his throws lead me to believe he's an Akido-ka. I imagine he'll probably have some sort of chain throw mechanic, but I'm not entirely sure on that. He's slightly smaller than the others, making him quicker on his feet, but weaker against grappling large enemies.

The third battle features Taiga Saejima, a former Yakuza who apparently ate his Wheaties. The guy is pretty much the Hulk in Yakuza-form. He can lift heavy objects with ease, and tends to lean towards pro-wrestling as his combat style. Large enemies are no problem for this guy. He's just not very speedy at all. I would say groups of enemies can be a problem, except that he can use his throws tend to clear nearby thugs as well.

Finally, there's Kazuma who you should be familiar with if you've played any of the previous games. His move sets seem to be intact and his medium build allows him to move about with ease. I should also note that the demo does allow you to play with a few weapons so if play with your d-pad while in game, you'll be treated to those. Just remember they carry from person to person so if you use them all in the first fight, you won't have them for the other three.

It's a short demo but enough to make me crave more. I can't wait till it releases later next month.

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