Yep, Neptune has a JRPG-style battle system

1:00 PM on 07.10.2010 // Josh Tolentino

And not one of those newfangled pseudo-real-time systems employed by newer titles to ensnare the Call of Duty crowd. This one has your people lined up in front of theirs, picking attacks from a menu-lookin' thing and popping them off, just like the good ol' days.

Except this time it's the actual game consoles doing the fighting! See?! It's so meta.

...OK, look, it's not exactly refined satire. In fact, from everything we've seen so far, like the trailer below, Super Dimension Game Neptune looks to be little more than a bouncy anime JRPG with a game-console theme. But what's wrong with that?

Look, if I wanted a refined treatise on the state of the games industry or something more complex and thought-provoking, I'd pick some critical darling out of GDC's love-list. Neptune looks like a game where you can play dress-up and fight with unsubtle representations of your favorite platforms, with no pretensions otherwise. Hell, they even represent their stats with names like "clock frequency", "memory" and "heat"! Sooo cute!

It's out on August 19th in Japan for the PlayStation 3, and may yet be on NIS-America's evaluation slate. Are you in?

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