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YES! Imaishi's new project has a character wearing a face

12:18 AM on 02.08.2013 // Salvador G Rodiles

She has a uniform with a face!

It was only a matter of time until Hiroyuki Imaishi reveals his next project to the masses, and what a perfect way to do so by showing us a sick looking design of a schoolgirl character.

The image may be a silhouette, but that girl looks like she is wearing a face on her body! Hell, the girl's design looks like a fusion of godlike proportions between Black Rock Shooter and Gurren Lagann. And honestly, it's not too surprising, since Imaishi had a hand in both shows. However, the former is most likely a coincidence, because the man has been planning this project around the time that he was working on Panty & Stocking.

Just the sheer fact that Imaishi and Trigger are working on this anime is enough to bring glorious shivers to my spine. Besides the radical design, Imaishi's project is going to be a TV anime series, which means that we have a potential new god-tier show to gear up for. More juicy details about the project will be revealed inside of the June issue of NewType on May 10th, so be on the look out for any crazy schoolgirls that wear faces on their chests. 

Since there isn't much that we can do at the moment, let's give a hyped up stare at Imaishi's drawing below.

[via My Anime List, ANN]

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