Yes, SMT IV has a revive system that asks for all yo yens

7:00 PM on 01.30.2013
Yes, SMT IV has a revive system that asks for all yo yens photo

Don't think that this is some sort of in-game pay service, because this new system can be exploited with your hard earned Macca that you gain from battling demons in Shin Megami Tensei IV. Instead of going through the typical game over segment that makes most players cry, you are now given the option to revive by giving money to the ferryman of the Sanzu River -- capitalism, ho! Thus avoiding the consequence of losing countless gaming hours. 

Most folks could see this as a means of holding one's hand, but personally, this new option sounds like a nice convenience that won't hinder the game's difficulty. Since we haven't learned about the ferryman's prices, I bet that his fees are going to cost a fortune. 

You can't have a MegaTen game without having a feature that rewards players for exploiting the enemy's weakness, so Shin Megami Tensei IV brings us the press turn system. By taking advantage of your new knowledge, you can perform more actions that let you unleash your vast superiority on your opponents -- take that, cheap enemies.

If SMT IV's difficulty is still killing you, players will be given the option to lower the game's difficulty after receiving too many game overs. Honestly, this system might help newcomers that only care about the game's main story, so there is no need to feel ashamed of picking an easier difficulty. 

Whether they announce more features or not, I am still sold on owning the game one day, since Persona 3 has converted me into a fan of the Megaten series. And knowing Elliot, we can look forward to an episode of Go West! where SMT IV takes a journey through his veins. 

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