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Yogurtbox composes chiptune soundtrack for fake eroge

8:00 PM on 05.03.2011

Dutch chiptune composer Steven Velema AKA surasshu would have loved to create a soundtrack for a game on the beloved but outdated Japanese PC-98 platform. Seeing as it's 2011 and he's kinda missed the boat on that opportunity, he and fellow composer Ken "coda" Snyder have decided to create a fictional eroge, Tree of Knowledge, and create the soundtrack for it. With the help of American pixel artist Jordan Chewning and Swedish character designer Diana Jakobsson, they've actually created a good chunk of the game to go along with the soundtrack!

Check out their website to see an interactive preview with music and game scenes. Any of you who fondly remember the good old 16 bit days of FM synth music will likely swoon a bit with nostalgia, even if you weren't the biggest eroge player. The site is fairly complete, with downloadable backgrounds, character profiles, screenshots, and a preview video which you can see here after the jump.

The soundtrack is available for US$10 as a digital download or US$12 plus shipping for a physical CD. I seriously want to set my alarm to play the track 'First Day of School' so I can wake up to it every day.

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