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Zelda Oracle of games coming to 3DS eShop in Japan

9:00 AM on 02.21.2013

Eric Koziol


More Zelda on the go

If you were thinking, hey, I really like Link's Awakening and the Gameboy in general, but those Oracle games came out in 2001, which was just a weird time for everybody and I never really got to them. Well, if you were thinking all of that Nintendo was just like, "Child of mine, play them on your 3DS." So I'm all like, I love you, Nintendo Father of mine. Fun trivia: Apparently there were supposed to be a third, green game, but it got cut down as things sometimes do

To celebrate this awesomeness, Nintendo is offering the two games at a ¥100 discount from 10 AM 02/27/2013 until the end of 03/20/2013. That's both games for a total of ¥1000, that is ¥500 apiece, whereas they will cost you ¥600 each after March 20. No word on these games getting over to any other regions just yet, but this is a beautiful sign. Both will be available on the 3DS eShop next Wednesday, 02/27/2013.

Although only available to those with a Japanese 3DS, a non-Japanese credit card can be used to make purchases. You will, of course, pay the yen to your currency converted rate and your bank may charge you an extra fee on top.

[via Nintendo]

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