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Black Jack Contest


My entry. It was posted on the BJM blog along with a whole bunch of others, so it seems there's little to no secrecy in this contest. :P Not that I mind. I'm pretty happy with the color choice and placement, but it was hard to choose just one design. However, in the end I went with something more unconventional and unique in color. Originally I didn't have the blue in it, and it was simply yellow and red (but much brighter versions at the time). Then I saw how normal I was being, so I grabbed one of the triangles, and changed the color randomly. I ended up with a lime green, which looked awful, but it got me thinking about something more interesting. Hence, this end result.

In other news, I want to say: the award of "most awesome" covers out there for ongoing manga have to go to Black Jack, 20th Century Boys, and most recently, DOGS. I saw that cover while browsing the other day (haven't read it though, no idea about the contents) and found it very striking. Hopefully the other volumes will be as eyecatching.
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