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My new 8 hour (yes hour) electro/drone album


It's time once again to play "What the hell does Zac think he's trying to do now?!"

That's right, I've got a new album out. This time around it's a solo thing under the name Dirty Knobs. I've been using the name to release the more experimental/glitch/electronic stuff that no one but me and the cats (they are also into classic krautrock) give two shits about (something that cats do a lot of) since 1999. I haven't really done anything under the name since 2004.

(low movie voice-over voice) Until now. (end low movie voice-over voice)

My new album is called Field Recordings from the Edge of Hell. It's a strange one for (at least) two reasons:

1. It's an electronic drone album.

2. It's an eight hour electronic drone album. Mmm hmm. This is not your average release.

While it is up to you to decide what you think about it (it has a loose narrative in my mind that I tried to relate in the song titles), I can say this with both certainty and a heaping helping of humility: People who are into this sort of...thing, love it. It's sort of mind-blowing, really.

It all started when writer Warren Ellis picked up the link and posted it on his own blog. I knew he was into...let's just say unusual music. Since I follow him on Twitter, I figured I'd take a shot and send him the link. He got back to me almost immediately saying, and I quote, "FUCK YES."

Things exploded shortly after.

So, week-long story short, epic drone fans are my new favorite people. More specifically the ones who bought the album and/or Tweeted, Facebooked and/or otherwise posted the links around the Internet and/or blog-o-dome. It was strange and confusing and wonderful.

Anyway...the experiment continues. And it's pretty interesting. Again, for a couple reasons:

1. People are buying it. Not too shocking when you consider that it's priced at $1 for the full eight hour download. What's shocking, at least to me, is that most people pay way, way more than a dollar for it. I honestly never expected that would happen, but it is. With almost every sale.

2. It's eight hours long! This is not something that could have happened with a normal CD, vinyl or cassette release. At least not in any normal way. It would have to be a massive box-set and sell for $100. But now, since we are living in the future (isn't it shiny?) artists can legitimately call a work of any length a single album.

And sell it for a dollar.

And have it go crazy a few minutes after it's released.

So that's my story. I hope you can take a second (or eight hours) and check it out. I hope that, if you like it, you'll Tweet the link, "Like" the album, post a link and/or a review in your blog, send the link to your favorite music site/magazine/show or, if that's not enough, buy it. An album like this isn't going to find a home in any mainstream venue. Word of mouth is the only way it'll ever be heard. And you'll have my sincerest thanks.

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