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Superhero Time Sundays: Merry Christmas


Looks like the Scorpion is going to be out of the picture for now, and things are going to be focusing on Libra. Compare to Scorpion's methods, Libra takes a different approach into giving students Zodiart Switches. Did I also mention that this week also involves a musical? All thanks to Yuuki getting recruited by the school's Glee Club. However, the Zodiart for this week does not approve of any musicals sang by Yuuki. Gentarou must now do his best to protect his childhood friend.

We also get to see the whole back story regarding the Scorpion along with the origin regarding the switches that the Horoscopes wield. With these back stories out of the way, there could be a chance that bigger things are coming their way in the later episodes. Maybe it might lead to something that might expand beyond the mysteries of Amanogawa considering that we have yet to find out the true motives behind the Chairman's ultimate plan.

Even if the Kamen Rider Club remains the same in numbers, the amount of friends that Gentarou will make might turn out to be greater. It is unfortunate that most remain skeptical to this show because all it is doing is just getting better and better with each progression. As they say, their loss.
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