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Super Toku Time: Soda's the perfect cure for despair


Holy Mother of Christ! It looks like the Inves Games are coming to an end, as Urobuchi starts to get real with Gaim’s second arc. Unfortunately, I didn't receive the impact that I was expecting when I was looking forward to Gaim's shocking scene. However, I was still entertained by the tonal shift that we’re getting for the next major saga.

Silly enough, a few people doubted me when I predicted that Gaim was going to become a darker series. Since the Beat Riders have fallen into Yggdrasill’s trap, the main cast has to face the blame for the epidemic that’s sprouting fruits out of people's bodies. Based on this new twist, something tells me that the Helheim Forest was a normal place before its inhabitants were turned into fruit trees and monsters. To an extent, I can understand why Takatora's bent on becoming the chosen one, since it might give him the power to sever the connection between our world and the forest.

As Micchy and Kouta’s friendship begins to dissolve, it seems that Gaim’s new ally might be Baron later on. Thanks to a close friend of mine, it occurred to me that the suit actor that plays as Baron is the same person that played as some of the secondary Riders in the previous Kamen Rider shows from Decade to Fourze (such as Kamen Rider Diend, Kamen Rider Accel, Kamen Rider Birth, and Kamen Rider Meteor); therefore, Kaito’s going to help Kouta during his encounters against the Energy Cantaloupe Rider.

On a sillier note, Pierre’s back to being a mercenary. In a way, he’s now the Deathstroke the Terminator of the Kamen Rider franchise-- credit goes to Baron Von Vogl for that random observation. Even though it technically makes him a tool of Yggdrasill’s devious scheme, I’m still hoping that Pierre plans to challenge Takatora later on. For now, he served as an obstacle to show us that Kouta and Kaito are strong enough to overcome the mighty Durian. If Pierre’s antics mange to counteract Gaim’s tragic moments, then we can consider this a victory for Team Durian!

Overall, the Yggdrasill Saga’s going to be very juicy, and I’m looking forward to witnessing Ryoji’s fate during next spine-tingling episode of Kamen Rider Gaim-- I think that he’s going to be the first character to die. From this point on, I have a feeling that we’ll see fruits in a new way as we dive into the new arc.
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