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Super Toku Time: Being a Toku Fan is suffering


Ryoji may have turned into an Inves last time, but we all know that he’s not important. In other words, no one cares about his inevitable death. Thankfully, Micchy’s attempt to infiltrate Yggdrasill Corporation ended up revealing some new bits that manages to spice things up. While I predicted Yuuya’s fate back when Gaim premiered in October, Micchy’s reaction to the truth made the whole scene worthwhile.

Before we dive into the rest of my ramble, I would like to point out that Micchy sucks at stealth. The only reason that he managed to bypass Yggdrasill’s tight security was because of Lady Luck being on his side. Honestly, I doubt that his info’s going to reach Kouta and the gang soon, since he’ll most likely be joining forces with Takatora before Kouta learns about the Helheim Forest’s secrets.

Is it me, or did Kouta’s concern over Ryoji Hase’s situation feel unnecessary? I understand that Kouta wanted to save Hase, but I think that the situation would’ve worked better if it was Hideyasu. While Team Invitto's leader ditched Hase a few episodes back, I would’ve believed him more than Kouta. Then again, we wouldn’t have had the wonderful confrontation between Sid and Kouta, which acts as a great cliffhanger for the next episode.

Seeing how Kouta and Kaito are now Yggdrasill Corporation’s prisoners, it’s going to take a miracle for them to escape unharmed. Thanks to this situation, Gaim’s second arc is shaping up into a great addition to the show’s overall premise. If Micchy pulls a Solid Snake during episode 15, then Gaim has what it takes to win the Tokusatsu of the Year award. Either way, my respect for the series won’t be affected if we don't get another stealth scene.
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