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Super Toku Time: There's no such thing as permanent sorrow


Urobuchi deserves another medal for subverting a trope that would’ve worked in any of the Rider shows. The best part was that the Butcher made me believe that Kouta and Kaito’s escape plan was going to work. Too bad for them, they underestimated Ryouma’s body guard, who’s had plenty of experience as a stunt person-- I’m referring to the actual actress. Long story short, Kouta and Kaito are now screwed.

Overall, I’m really enjoying the new path that Gaim’s taking, since the theme of become an adult plays a bigger role than the first arc. Kouta and Kaito learn that their amateur tactics aren’t good enough to triumph over a corporation with experienced personnel and superior resources. Other than Yggdrasill's unfair advantage, Sid’s interference played a major role in giving the heroes a reality check, since his actions represent the grownups that choose to dirty their own hands. At the same time, this gives Kouta the right boost in the path that he wants to take as an adult, regardless of Yggdrasill's actions.

I’m still surprised that Micchy wasn’t the first one to get caught, since he lacked the proper equipment to sneak around in a “highly secured” building. The guy may be intelligent, but I feel that he lacks a bit of common sense in certain departments (such as stealth and wielding a firearm). But hey, he managed to save Kouta, so something good came out of it. At the same time, Micchy’s inevitable betrayal's getting close with each episode, and Takatora now has the right motive to get his younger brother to join him.

Since Kouta and Kaito manage to escape without encountering much trouble, I’m curious to see what Ryoma has in store for both Riders down the road. Something tells me that the sketches for the new Drivers are going to be the blueprints for Gaim and Baron's Super Form. Of course, both heroes might have to pay a price for their new power, so I look forward to that special day. In the meantime, we’ll have to see how Kouta’s going to use his new Energy Lock Seed and Warring Driver add-on.

While Kouta’s gift sounds like a great blessing, my intuition tells me that DJ Sagara's up to something. Considering that the mystery behind Helheim’s chosen one has yet to be revealed, we should assume that the main players in Yggdrasill Corporation have their own ulterior motives. For now, it'll serve as the perfect ingredient for the next set of surprises.
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