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Rebuild of Japanator #03


Every time you make changes to the status quo, you're bound to experience some amount of friction. Not everything and everyone will agree with you. Some might embrace the change, others may not, and sadly, it doesn't always work out for the best. We prepare for these eventualities, but it's impossible foresee every issue that may arise. Once it comes to pass, all that matters is how we pick ourselves up and move on.

Lately it seems the world and people around me have been mired in bad luck. Some of them are experiencing issues at home, others have had problems at work. I myself recently had a bit of a spat with a friend which as left me a bit depressed over the way things were resolved. The one thing they all seem to have in common is change. Whether it's a change in life, employment, or on the horizon and yet to happen. It hasn't been easy to deal with it all at once, but I've done my best to work through it and even lend others a hand with their issues. While I'm not sure if I've really managed to accomplish anything, what matters is that I try. I keep calm and I carry on.

So, how does this relate to our site? Well, Japanator has experienced a lot of changes as well -- and in some instances, it still is. We've lost a few writers over the past few months for various reasons -- college, external commitments, and so on -- and we've had to adapt. As a result, the site has been steadily growing despite all the challenges we've faced.

It also helps that we've brought on the talented L.B. Bryant, who has been doing a fantastic job with the news, but I'm always looking for new contributors and interns who'd be interested in volunteering to fill some of our gaps in coverage -- specifically Shonen anime or manga in general. With that in mind, if any of you are interested in helping us out and can deliver at least 5 posts a week, I'd love to hear from you via private message or via e-mail ([email protected]) with the subject "Japanator employment opportunity". We require a writing sample, so if you've got a c-blog, that might a good place to start.
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