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Rebuild of Japanator #03.5


Just as a quick update, I wanted to thank everyone who has submitted a résumé and/or writing samples over the past few weeks. We'll be closing off submissions for the time being. If you've submitted a resume over the past two weeks and I haven't replied to you don't worry, I'm not done going through them all and we'll likely be bringing on a couple more contributors from the batch of résumés we have in-hand. 

That said, I am happy to introduce you all to our latest editor, Dae Lee. He's a former-editor and podcast co-host at New School Kaidan, where he primarily dealt with Idol and J-pop news. In addition to being a fantastic writer, Dae happens to be a huge fan of Anime, manga and Japanese entertainment in general, so I think he'll fit in wonderfully. Keep an eye out for his stories in the coming weeks. 

Also of some importance, I think I should acknowledge that Destructoid turns 8 this month. It's hard to imagine some of these guys doing this gig for 8 years straight, but they're still at it and without them, Japanator wouldn't even exist today. For that, we owe them our gratitude. If you're in the San Francisco area, keep an eye out for their GDC party taking place next week. Maybe drop in and say hi if you get a chance. Mind you, I won't be in attendance as I've got my hands full here at Jtor, but a number of Dtoid friends will be, including my buddy Dale North. Details can be found here.  

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