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Super Toku Time: Fruit Cups are best served in pairs of fives


Ever since Gaim’s transition into the Yggdrasill Saga, the show’s been improving in quality. Since things are going to get more intense, Mai and the rest of Team Gaim intend create a new image for the Beat Riders through the power of dance. Too bad for them, their dancing skills are terrible, so the entire thing ends up as a joke before we move on to the big picture. Perhaps the best part of the episode was when Team Invitto dragged Hideyasu into the dance while he was in the middle of thwarting the event with Pierre’s help.

Despite, Gaim’s tendency to feature bad dancing, I felt that episode 18 was a good send-off to the Beat Riders. Also, Armored Rider Knuckle shows us that nut-based Riders can be useful after all. With Kaito leaving Team Baron to focus on other important matters, we’re given new gadgets in the form of the Tulip Hoppers, which acts as a vehicle that might be on par with the Watermelon Arm. Speaking of which, it was cool to see Baron use the Watermelon Arm against Sid when Kouta and Kaito were trying to infiltrate Yggdrasill again.

This time around, Kouta and Kaito manage to help us learn about the truth behind the Helheim Forest. Personally, I’m glad that the Gaim has revealed this piece of information during this arc, since I was worried that they were going to save the reveal for the show’s finale. Seeing how we’re getting closer to the third part of the series, Urobuchi continues to play with our expectations in a brilliant manner. Even though I kind of saw the twist behind Helheim’s origin from a mile away, the presentation and the way how Kouta and Kaito reacted acted as the perfect topping to this delicious bowl of fruits.

While I’m not expecting to see Kouta joining forces with Yggdrasill to stop Helheim’s conquest on our world, I’m interested in seeing how his ideals will clash with Takatora and Ryouma’s ambitions. Kaito on the other hand might join up with the company, since he’d like to see if Yggdrasill’s strong enough to take on Helheim. Based on the way how things are going, I have a feeling that Sid or Ryouma is going to overthrow Takatora before the Yggdrasill Saga comes to a close.

Since Ryouma’s an energy Rider as well, I’m excited to see how Gaim is going to handle these fizzy Riders during the next episodes to come. Depending on the way how things progress, Kamen Rider Gaim might be a nominee for Best Tokusatsu of 2014. For now, we’ll just have to wait and see if a new show rises up to challenge Gaim.
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