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Super Toku Time: When 3D modeling goes wrong


I knew that it was too good to be true when Takatora talked about protecting humanity from the Helheim Forest, because the Overseer and his cohorts are planning something huge. While their actions are guaranteeing the human raceís survival, Yggdrasill isn't planning on saving the entire planet-- having a weapon that can decimate Zawame City at any time isnít very reassuring. Of course, Kouta refuses to stand by and let Yggdrasill Corporation have their way; however, our main hero has to take a few things into account.

Both the Scalar System and Project Arc show that Yggdrasill Corporation chose to take the easy way out in this crisis. In a way, it makes sense, since most organizations in real life would resort to the least complicated method in overcoming a life threatening situation. Going back to the opening fight scene in Gaimís first episode, we can see that Zawame City is covered in Helheimís vegetation. That being said, I have a feeling that Koutaís actions will make things worse for everyone by the time we reach the series' final arc.

Considering that Kouta was able to take Yokoís Peach Energy Seed during the massive Inves battle, thereís a bit of hope that Zawame City will survive. Who knows, the mysterious Inves that Kaito encountered in the ruined city could lead to the battle thatíll destroy Helheim once and for all. Hell, this element might be the setup for the next story arc, since we'll have a real villain for the show's cast to overcome-- unless if Urobuchi pulls another surprising twist.

Prior to the major assault, I wasnít expecting Sid to go down this early in the series, due to his desire to go against Takatora. While Kouta currently has his Cherry Energy Lock Seed, I doubt that Ryouma will have any issues with creating a new Energy Lock Seed for Sid. Then again, he still has that big ďSĒ Lock, and I would rather see him transform with it than to witness another Cherry Soda Rider-- nothing against Armored Rider Sigurd. Also, Kouta made a smart move when he used the Energy Lock Seed to activate his Cherry Raiment Arm, which might be the fastest form in Gaimís arsenal.

After Kouta pulled a Kamen Rider OOO during episodes 21 and 22, the guy now has a total of three Energy Lock Seeds at his disposal. If Kouta plans to beat Takatora during the next episode, then he's going to have to use that Cherry Raiment again-- or perhaps a Peach Raiment would be more effective against the Cantaloupe Soda Rider. In the meantime, I'll prepare myself for the immense shock that'll hit me when I watch episode 23, since there's going to be another big turning point during the Yggdrasill Saga's final moments.
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