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Rebuild of Japanator #04


April is right around the corner. It's hard to believe that we're already a quarter of the way through the year, and though we've had a lot of changes taking place in and around the site, I have to admit that we haven't really achieved everything I had hoped to by this point. It's nothing to be too disappointed about, of course. When you manage a site like Japanator, you tend to set lofty goals for yourself and staff. Whether or not they're attainable often relies on the assumption that everything goes relatively smooth. Naturally, you're bound to encounter some issues along way. 

It helps to remember that things could be worse. Our friends at Ani.me recently had some struggles that led to their site abruptly closing shop. Fortunately, Japanator's outlook isn't quite so bad by comparison. It sucks any time another anime site closes down -- competition is always good for our industry, despite what certain news outlets would have you believe. It sucks even more for the talented individuals who work for those sites. It's part of why I believe we're fortunate to have L.B. Bryant, Ani.me's former Editor-in-Chief, as a member of our staff.

As it happens, he's brought several great ideas to the table as to how to expand our feature content, not to mention a dose of moe the site was severely lacking -- no thanks to my good taste in anime. However, he's not the only person I hope to gather some ideas from. I'd love to hear some from our community. If you're reading this and have an interesting idea for a feature you'd like us to introduce you can e-mail us at [email protected] with the subject "Feature idea:" and we'll take a look. It could be a column, podcast, editorial or so on. If you're within the continental US, and we end up picking yours, we might even send out a special gift as a thanks.
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