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Super Toku Time: DJ Turntables are better than normal firearms


When Kaito and Kouta clashed during episode 1ís scene, youíll notice that Takatora and Micchy are standing on a cliff while the other Riders clash with their armies. In other words, Kaito represents the third faction, which could either be Ryoumaís group or the newly revealed Overlord Inves. Speaking of which, I have a hunch that DJ Sagara is an Overlord Inves thatís disguised as a human. Seeing how Sagara created Koutaís new power from a simple orange, itís obvious that he isnít a normal person. On top of that, his power is similar to the Overlord Inves' ability to manipulate plants.

Once again, it seems that the mysterious girl/alternate Mai is connected to the Helheim Forestís chosen one. Since Sagara knows of her presence, itís fairly obvious that heís been using Kouta the entire time. The most important question right now is the purpose of the chosen one? Will they be the key to stopping the Helheim Forest, or will they get the privilege to mate with the mysterious girl after the planet gets covered in plants? As for my reproduction theory, I figured that they might insert some Adam and Eve references after Sagara mentioned a ďforbidden fruitĒ during his conversation with the other Mai.

Itís hard to believe that weíre getting so many juicy plot elements before Gaim hits its halfway point. All in all, Iím very grateful to Urobuchi for giving the franchise an organic story that has the potential to become pretty deep later on. As weíre getting ready to say farewell to the Yggdrasill Saga, letís give Rider Salute to Kamen Rider Gaim for being such a great series so far. While weíll have to deal with a ToQger vs. Gaim special before episode 24 airs, our patience will pull through during the eye of the storm. Then weíll get to bask in the delicious oranges once again. Also, we cannot forget about the Durians, as theyíre very important in our current toku diet.
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