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Super Toku Time: Itís time to go on a strike!


Despite Triumphant Armsí great strength, itís good to see that Kouta was able to put his new Energy Lock Seeds to good use. Since Gaimís Peach Raiment Arms gives Kouta enhanced hearing abilities, the man can now distinguish different types of voices. Who knows, Kouta might use his new power to eves drop on Ryouma and Takatora later on. In the meantime, the Overlord Inves are the main targets, due to Koutaís desire to interact with them.†

Gaimís new arc has barely started, and weíre already getting worked up for the story's next phase. At the moment, Iím curious to see how DJ Sagaraís going to face off against Yggdrasill when Ryouma sends pits his group against the traitorous disk jockey. Depending on how things play out, this new saga might be the point in the story where Micchy and Kouta become enemies. But first, Gaim is going to focus on Pierre, since the show is in need of some Durian action. Who knows, Mister Dangerousí new segment might surprise us as well.
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