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Thank you and good night.


Oh boy, this is a tough blog to write.

It's been about three years since I first started writing for the site. I can remember being in Japan when I received an email from Brad, telling me that my application for an associate editor position was successful. Not that there was much I could do for the site while I was pre-occupied with spending all of my savings, but a few weeks later I made my debut. If I remember right, it was the announcement that we'd be getting another season of Hidamari Sketch, which is certainly not a bad way to make an entrance.

Japanator has changed so much since that first post. We moved from a janky-but-functional site to a super swish one, complete with our own mascot in the background. We saw productivity, comments and visitors increase. We saw talented editors come and go. It was tough work. Tough, enjoyable work.

(Assuming we exclude some of the terrible examples of fanfiction that I wrote, which would be better described as mentally draining.)

Of course, you've probably already figured out why I'm writing this. Today marks my departure from Japanator.

I've been very fortunate to write for many different publications over the past few years, but I can say without hesitation that it was the work I did at Japanator that helped me out the most. It's pretty crazy where you can get with a few writing examples, and when you work for a fun site like this, you end up with a rather sizeable collection of them.

So why the departure? It's something I'd decided on quite a while ago, so of course it'd land with some rather impeccable timing! It's mainly to allow me to spread my wings a little and try something new, while also cutting down just a little to accommodate for a few things back home. If you somehow enjoyed my writing over the years, you can follow me on the Twitters to see where I end up next. I'm really not going too far, all things considered!

Everyone, you have my utmost thanks for the past three years. It's been a fantastic experience and an absolute pleasure to write for you. Japanator isn't going anywhere though, so please continue to support the talented writers on staff :)

See you next episode.
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