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Moving on, and maybe forward?


Read my books because they have bats in them! Lots of bats!

Finally, I also write books. Right now I'm focusing on my urban fantasy series, called The Familiar Series, which may be a bit of a stretch for a lot of Japanator readers, since it's kind of in the general Twilight/Vampire Diaries genre. Basically I read Twilight and its ilk and thought, "Would it be possible to write a series that has the stuff I like about this genre and less of the stupid?", and that's where the series came from. The third book, Random Acts of Sorcery, is due out this summer. Assuming I can finish that book without tearing my hair out, I've got lots of ideas for other books that I'll hopefully find the time to write. Anyway, right now my books are Kindle-only, but I'm working on making them available in other formats, including print, soon.

And I guess that's about all. Thank you to those of you who read my posts and commented on them, and to everyone who listened to the podcast as well. You made coming back to Japanator for one more go-around an absolute joy, and that's an experience not many of us blogger-types get to have. I've been super-lucky, and that's because you're all awesome.
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About Karen Meadone of us since 8:19 PM on 10.21.2009

Hi, I'm a former newspaper journalist who got tired of having a front row seat to the death of print. There probably could be some interesting story there about a disenchanted reporter moving on to the greener pastures of the internet, but I blogged for Japanator back before I ever touched newspapers, so I kind of killed that narrative. Someone else will have to write that story.

I'm a New Yorker, married to a fellow otaku named Wilson (he's the best) in an apartment filled with anime figures and Magic:The Gathering cards (I like one of those things more than the other.) When not working for Jtor, I also do freelance writing and some art for a few other clients. I also cook dinner and try not to burn it any more than absolutely necessary.

My personal blog can be found at Otakusphere. Also, if you happen to like urban fantasy, you can check out my Amazon author page to see the books I've written.