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Super Toku Time: Let’s sit down for a quick moment


There’s something great about having a hero and his arch nemesis enjoying a drink together, due to the fun angle that comes with the moment. Based on the Commander's expressions, you could tell that he's going to miss seeing Yellow in battle, which shows that he still has an bit of kindness left inside of him. Heck, the Commander’s minion thinks so as well, which results in his master getting upset at him. Good times.

Aside from Yellow’s moments, I found the running gag where the Commander fails to predict the After V’s order to be hilarious. It was the way how the evil mastermind handled the scene that made it priceless. In fact, the scene continued when they introduced the new Yellow, which happens to be the next topic on the list.

Even though the second Yellow has yet to be funny, I liked how Red, Blue, and Green abandoned their memories of the original Yellow to flirt with the new one. Pink’s reaction throughout the episode were amazing, since she was the only one who didn’t go crazy over the new teammate. Hopefully, the original Yellow will return later on, because his replacement isn’t doing a good job in being a team player. My guess is that they’re setting up for something big, since After V has apparently six or seven episodes left. If we get more scenes where Pink laughs at her comrades like she did in episode 6, then we’ll be in for good hangover.
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