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The Disappearance of Intern Anthony-chan


It's been a while since I've written a C-blog but I thought I'd come back to my roots now that The Disappearance of Nagato Yuki-chan dub has finished. The ending of this series marks a special occasion, for me at least. It's not that Nagato Yuki-chan was a groundbreaking series, nor my favorite series this year, or even changed my outlook on life in a dramatic fashion. Nagato Yuki-chan, to me at least, represents determination, perseverance, and growth in terms of writing. 

Before I started C-blogging about anime on here, I used to be a news writer at a now defunct gaming website. Every day I used to go through press release emails, gaming websites and twitter to find interesting stories for readers. It's not to say I didn't enjoy getting these exclusive emails or following a game from tease to release, it's just that it wasn't mentally challenging. It was rewording press releases to make them more suitable for reading on a website and it didn't challenge me as a writer. I did write some silly editorials and reviews from time to time, but they were extremely rare since my job was to keep the site stocked with news.

I started at Japanator just as the Spring season of anime was beginning. I was already doing One Piece so I opted to do Nagato Yuki-chan too since it wasn't covered last season and the dub had just been released. I really liked Haruhi back in the day and the inclusion of the same English VO helped me adapt to the change in art style. So I started writing weekly Annotated Anime segments on this show following Nagato through a slice of life romantic comedy. It was never my most popular weekly feature and I struggled through writing it every week, but I still persevered until the end. Why? 
Because it was challenging.

Every week I had to think of something more to write about apart from what was happening on screen. Recounting the episodes in detail was a flaw I had in my earlier attempts at One Piece features as they didn't have much substance and insight. And every week it became a chore to do especially when I piled on GANGSTA, Bikini Warriors, and Himouto! Umaru-chan onto my watch list. It didn't help that most of them were released in the weekend. There were some weekends I really didn't want to watch any anime because it meant I had to focus on the story, animation, pacing etc. and that equaled work. As I continued spending more time thinking about what I had just watched and then putting fingers to keyboard it began to flow a lot quicker. Sentences and phrases were easier to jot down and recounting the episode became smaller and smaller parts of the feature. I felt like I was growing as a writer.

To get back on track, Nagato Yuki-chan represents my hard work and dedication to follow a series to the end with little to no compromises or missed deadlines. It also parallels my personal life growing from a student to a 9-5 job employee as I graduated last summer while this show was airing.
So yeah, The Disappearance of Nagato Yuki-chan means a lot more to me personally than it does as a fun little anime watched by a Haruhi fan. 

Oh and I also became a full Contributor to the site during this time thus completing my Japanator internship. Woo!

-Anthony out

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