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This needs to stop: schoolgirls for sale in Japan


We, Japanator visitors, users and even the staff members I assume, are fans of manga, anime and japanese videogames. Some of us envision Japan as being a land full of those things that make us happy, and thus a kind of "promised land for otaku". Although Japan is a great country, placing comfortably near the top of the world at various points that make a good place to live, such as economy, education and the low crime rate, the land of the rising sun is still a real place, with real problems. Serious, dark problems.

The above video by VICE does an excellent job at investigating one of those problems that plagues Japan. First, before people get ahead of themselves, I would like to point out that they made it very clear that there is an innocent, healthy, non-perverted side in this whole industry around schoolgirls. With that out of the way, it's saddening to know something like that exists, and that it's the product of a series of factors. The whole society with no space for women, the culture based on shame, the lack of support for young people or for depressed people in general, the government who has no interest in solving this kind of problem.

For once, it's great to see there are good people taking matters in their hands and helping as many schoolgirls as they can, but really, one of Japan's biggest problems is exactly how the population as a whole is getting old, because day by day there's less children being born and less young people. Well, it's a known case that there are a lot of depressed students, not only girls but boys too, who get lost in life and end getting involved with that kind of dark business, or even commiting suicide. It's puzzling how the japanese government and society as a whole don't take any big actions to actually support their young population, only ever demanding from them their mindless obedience and absolute dedication to their superiors.

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