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Old anime


I am currently watching an old but good anime- Cat’s eye. Rui, Hitomi, and Ai Kisugi are three sisters who own and operate Cat's Eye café directly across from the Inunari police station. Hitomi is the fiancée of Toshi Utsumi the detective assigned to their most troublesome case of serial thieves “Cat's Eye.” These thieves are prepared, technologically advanced, stealthy, talented and sexy women- who also happen to be the aforementioned trio. Their stated aim is to perform these heists to get any information on their missing father; however, the final episode concludes- leaving this objective unresolved. This dated (1980's) but good anime weaves action and emotional conflicts into the story without leaning too hard on either one.

One can get too wrapped up in old anime but it's nice to take a break sometimes and experience the anime possibilities, for example: the 15/16 year old tech wiz flies a plane, flies a helicopter, rides a motorcycle, invents a light grenade, invents a model airplane bomb, invents a motorcycle sidecar that is also a jet ski, and invents a solid hologram projector. Amusing and 80's cool.

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