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The Masked Zetta Arrives!


There's an unfortunate side effect of deciding not to post content on a site until you do a proper introduction there:

That is, of course, not being able to post on said site until you write said proper intro to your liking. Unfortunately, as it happens, there are more than a few things I want to write about that are pretty Japanator-appropriate, and none of them were that intro!

This means that, well, I really need to get this introduction over with already.

Now I've gone over a few ways I could address this topic. You'd be surprised at how many ways there are to do this kind of thing! I could do it in song, I could do it in-character as Zetta from Makai Kingdom, the namesake of this account, and I could even do both at once... and fail miserably.


And you know what, there are still even more ways than that! Why not talk interests? That's always a good way to get to know someone, right? Going off of that tangent, a pretty quick and painless way to go about figuring out your interests is to just list a bunch of your favorite stuff, right? So maybe I should do that!

This being a site geared around Japanese media, perhaps the most pertinent thing to do would be to list some of my favorite anime or manga series. Some of those include Majestic Prince, Konjiki no Gash!!, Level E, Busou Renkin, Kaiji, with the likes of Dragonball and Digimon remaining favorites my childhood and more recent series like Ano Natsu de Matteru and Nagi no Asukara finding fond places with me as well. Admittedly, I don't have as much time for anime these days as I used to, but I try to keep up with things at least a little.

Oh, and who could forget Jojo?

On that tangent of Japanese media, there's also visual novels to take into consideration as well, though I'm honestly still not too versed in a ton of those just yet, despite having tried my hand at making them this year. My favorites from the genre would be the original Muv-Luv trilogy, Umineko no Naku Koro ni, and, of course, Fate/Stay Night, though they're by no means the only good ones out there that I've gotten to try, even by those creators alone.

I suppose on that tangent, there's also light novels, but the only series I really follow much is Highschool DxD, which, while fantastic in my opinion, is more of an exception these days.

But hey, setting aside all that, there's also video games! People like those, right?

As far as games go, like... most things, I think, I've got a pretty wide range of things I like. In fact, I once said that it might be that I feel like I prefer Japanese games not out of any taste-related reason, but simply because Western developers don't make handheld games as often anymore, as my preferences these days are to handheld games more than anything. Been playing a lot of indies lately, incidentally!

If it's specific titles you're looking for, though, then games that come to mind include Soul Sacrifice, Z.H.P., Koei Tecmo's Warriors series of games, Mega Man Battle Network 3, the first Devil Survivor, Sonic Unleashed, the PS3 inFamous games, Makai Kingdom, one Pocket Monster title or another, probably Black or White... I could go on, but my memory's not the best, so...

Oh, but yeah, I did just pick Sonic Unleashed over every other Sonic game, and yes, I have been playing Sonic games since before they were 3D. You know what, let's just throw up Sonic 3 & Knuckles on that list for fairness or something.

Okay, you know what? Let's try this: Instead of talking about favorites, maybe I'll talk what I've been playing recently-- That's something new and exciting, right?

Well, for recent games, that's Persona Q, LBX, The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages, Super Meat Boy, and... some other thing I was playing on my Vita that I don't remember anymore because then Super Meat Boy happened. Super Hero Generation? Senran Kagura? I really, honestly don't remember.

I keep eying my PS3 for more Dragonball Xenoverse and Kamen Rider Battride War II, but I just can't be bothered to set the thing up again to play either of them right now. Most of the time, it's just been Persona Q, really, which is pretty awesome! No Kamen Rider, sadly, but it's great fun. Too bad for that region lock, else that'd be a different story.

And at least Battride War Genesis is coming to Vita...

... Oh, right, Kamen Rider. Did I not mention tokusatsu yet?

Despite that I primarily blog on Destructoid, a gaming blog...site, and even that I just spent all that time talking about games and anime and other stuff, my biggest interest these days is actually what we in the West refer to tokusatsu.

I say it "what we in the West refer to as" because how we talk about it and what it actually means are technically two different things. If you've seen Power Rangers, and have somehow never browsed this website before, as it actually covers what I'm talking about pretty frequently and I am realizing now that this explanation is actually completely unnecessary only just at its end, then you at least have some idea of what I'm getting at.

So! To be more specific, if we're talking toku, then my favorite franchise is Kamen Rider, with Super Sentai not too far behind, but definitely in the number two spot all the same. Kamen Rider is, in general, my Favorite Thing right now, and it has been for a... couple of years, even with Wizard being the way it was, and I can't see that changing any time soon. It's been kind of like a rock for me, in some ways, and I can't help but really appreciate how, save some rare exceptions, you can always count on it and Super Sentai being on every week, no matter what... even if it is just a toy commercial all the same.

But really, aren't all the best things?

For a little backstory here, I started with Kuuga at first, and kinda just went nuts from there. For a while, I watched both Kamen Rider, Super Sentai, and some other shows with a good friend of mine, and though we haven't talked in a couple of years, watching them together was some of the best times I've had, and made the shows even better, I think. Since then, I've seen pretty much the entirety of the Kamen Rider franchise, as well as some Super Sentai and a liiiittle Ultraman.

If anyone's interested, when it comes to Kamen Rider, right now my favorite is... maybe Den-O, but I like a lot of them. Gaim, OOO, and Hibiki come to mind too, not to mention the obvious Kuuga. While I wasn't impressed initially, I got really attached to Drive towards its end, as many of my fellow naysayers did, and now I hope the same will happen with the currently airing Ghost.

For Sentai, Magiranger and Go-Onger were my big starting points and I thoroughly enjoyed both, though Go-Busters is... probably up there as my favorite right now. Maybe.

At the moment, with not much in the world of Kamen Rider to watch anymore and having gotten a bit of free time to spare, I'm working on finishing Shinkenger finally, which I've been told is the only reason anyone likes any of the writer's later series, though ironically, I... actually don't think I like it as much as I do the others; them being Go-Busters, ToQGer, or OOO, even with its extremely strong beginning.

Maybe the hype did it in before it had a chance? I might post a review or some comments on it once I finally finish it up.

Then again, maybe I'm going about this all the wrong way. Considering this is a blogging website, I could really just skip any actual intro (a little late for that, huh?) to make this easy and link to some relevant blogs on Destructoid that might give people an idea of what to expect from me. Let's give that a try, shall we?

About a year ago, I wrote this Thanksgiving-themed piece about Compile Heart, which really set me on the path to blogging at Destructoid. It is perhaps somewhat fitting, then, that a later blog I wrote about Compile Heart got promoted to the front page. Talk about something to write home about!

I once wrote about the under appreciated LBX (Danball Senki) series of Level-5's down over here, which seems to have already become overshadowed by Yo-Kai Watch... which I also wrote about more recently over here. There was also that time I wrote a ballad about Shaman King and J-Stars VS once upon a time over yonder.

More recently, I had some fun with the concept of Kamen Rider Ghost in this blog. That was a... day. Yeah.

In a response to one of the Destructoid's community challenges, I wrote about different parent-child relationships in quite a few video games. The images I used, however, were actually taken from Kamen Rider Drive, and that relationship was the real inspiration for the blog. If you've seen the show, you can probably guess even without clicking the link which character I featured in particular.

Twice now, I've put out little infodumps featuring some games Destructoid hasn't either had the time, interest, or means to cover, and you can check out the first one here, while the second one ended up divided into two parts, which you can check out here and here.

On a more topical note, here's Fire Emblem Fates and same-sex marriage. On a related subject, Fire Emblem, here's that time I had a lot of fun with Awakening, and then here's the time it broke my heart. And you know, speaking of Fire Emblem, recently I've seen a lot of people talking about the big mashup between it and Megami Tensei in a not-so-positive way, so I took to writing about that topic over here.

Lastly, though I can't say I do it even close to how pros do it, I've even done a couple of reviews too. One for Compile Heart's Fairy Fencer F, which you can read right here, and then another for the recent Dragonball movie, Resurrection F, which you can check out riiiight here.

If that's somehow not enough for you, here's my blog at Destructoid! Which... you can technically just get to by clicking there through any of the above links, now that I think about it, so that's kind of a pointless plug, really.

Oh well. Smile for the camera!

Talk about a trip down memory lane, huh?

With all that done and linked, assuming any of you actually went and read even some of that, I'd say that's probably done gone and helped us get to know each other pretty well.

If you disagree, though, then hey, that's what the comment sections are for!

Am I missing anything... I don't think I am--

Oh! Duh!

Hi, Japanator!

I'm Zetta!

Nice to meet you, everybody!

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