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stuck in a rut


So what do you do when even you are tired of Hero A chewing through his/ or her enemies towards yet another city on their way towards their ultimate goal in a way too many season arc? Take a break. Sometimes you had all this great stuff planned and it looked super cool, and then the reality of an 8 season show set in on the last episode of season 2; there are still 6 seasons to go- plus the movies. What did I do? I switched genres entirely. I went from shonen battle to super zany love comedy. Do you have to watch something outside your comfort zone? No. Just don’t get burned out on the same stuff. Stream an episode online of something that looks cool, but different than what you are marathon watching. Who knows you might find something outside your comfort zone that you like. Give it a try, at the least you’ll break the doldrums. And yes I am going to finish the other 6 seasons. :)

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