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Judge An Anime By It's Opening


This week I didn't watch GANGSTA (which requires full caps as characters constantly yell this) and I wish I'd never seen this. Tears are falling off my face like a waterfall...of salt...But that's not to say it's bad. Not really. It's something that needs to be on everyone's watch list because - and I don't say this lightyly - GANGSTA is the Citizen Kane of anime. Now, I can assure you this is not a light comment. This show sets itself to be an important thing in anime history that takes itself very seriously.

Setting itself after the Oompa Loompa riots at Charlie's chocolate factory, the citizens of New Cocoa try to find a better life from the aftermath. Enter Ricky and Sprinkles, two ex-workers who now deliver bootleg sweets to the highest bidder. What I like about this anime is that through it's choice of bright and cool colours, it shows this darker side of chocolate many of us would never have known. For instance, Ricky's flashbacks to the factory days show us that the Nerds candy is actually a byproduct of one of the kids in Willy Wonka's gold ticket tour. Or the next episode that shows Charlie's diabetic spiral down corruption and sugar rushes. But personally, I like the episode that gives the Oompa Loompas the ability to look human and giving them their own town. Its very heart warming.

Ricky's companion, Sprinkles, is without doubt the best thing about the show. Jumping around from point A to point B (literally) slicing up muffins with his katana. See, there's this big side plot about how his side job is baking and this'll sometimes lead to wacky events. Iron Choc Revy finds out and tries to make one of Sprinkles' cake stale and unedible. Until Sprinkles shows up and cuts a slice like it was nothing.

If there were any faults, I sure as hell couldn't find them. And even if there were, it would be worth it just to see how the overall story completes.

Verdict: "Fappable"

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