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oh, new!


So yes I did finish all 8* seasons of Inuyasha.  Before you say how bad a show that was with repetitive story line (they fight the same 2 villains twice) imho it was a trip down memory lane and a good one at that.  It will go onto the bookshelf for a later point in time, but yes I liked it.  What would memory lane project would I like to do next? Dragonball/ Dragonball Z of course but that will have to wait.  I am currently waiting on all the new anime to include second seasons and anime adopted from my favorite manga.  It's easy to get trapped in the "ooh, new" trap if you have enough funds in your anime war chest.  My advice is to do a little research, skim all the reviews, but in the end make up your own mind.  I purchased a few animes which did not resolve- sadly no second season.  Is this a let down? Yes.  Is this the end of the world? No. Would l do it again?  Who knows?  It really depends on the type of anime, and what I think during the time of purchase.   But in my case I would probably do it, just cause I like to make up my own mind about a series.

*the "8th" season has enough episodes to be separated into a 8th and 9th season but most people count it as 1 season.

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